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Paper 11770-22

Design study of efficient far-UVC second-harmonic generation using an integrated approach


This work presents an approach for continuous-wave laser emission in the far-UVC using second-harmonic generation in barium borate (BBO) thin-film waveguides. The crystal orientation is analytically considered for waveguides, and two designs with perfect modal phase matching (PhM) are simulated. The first design includes a BBO ridge-waveguide defined by dry etching. This allows for good confinement and spatial overlap of the relevant optical modes. The second design includes a strip-loaded waveguide, which aims at suppressing the side-wall scattering by confining the optical modes in the BBO thin-film. Showing that the conversion efficiency can be greatly enhanced.


Aarhus Univ. (Denmark)
Emil Zanchetta Ulsig is a Ph.D student in the group of Integrated Photonics and Nonlinearities. He received his bachelor in experimental physics from Aarhus University in 2019, where he got familiar and comfortable with laser physics. This led him to shift to the electrical engineering department to pursue Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs). Here he pursued the topic of nonlinear PICs for lasers with high spectral purity at wavelengths hard to come by. In 2020 he was admitted a PhD scholarship to research in optical nonlinearities in semiconductors to design a robust and scalable laser device with high spectral purity for emission at various wavelengths.
Aarhus Univ. (Denmark)
Nicolas Volet
Aarhus Univ. (Denmark)