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Paper 11871-39

UV-Blue camera for Extreme Large Telescopes instrumentation.


We describe a proposal of a 600 mm f/2.2 refractive camera with a 20-degree full field of view, external aperture stop, and high throughput in the spectral region from 320 nm to 350 nm for application in astronomical spectrographs for Extreme Large Telescopes (ELTs). The camera provides an active compensator system to meet the typical spectral stability requirements due to flexure and temperature variation for instruments installed on gravity-variant stations. The results and discussions of the structural and thermal modeling of an optical mount proposal and the resulting optical performance are also presented, together with the assembly and alignment tolerances necessary to maintain the image quality within the predetermined requirements.
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Univ. de São Paulo (Brazil)
Rafael Ribeiro has a Ph.D. in astronomical instrumentation (optical design), a master's degree in physics, major in optical sciences, and a bachelor's degree in physics, all of them at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. He has experience developing and testing optical systems for aerospace payloads, military instruments, and medical applications for private companies and the Brazilian government. He works as an optical designer of GMACS, the Giant Magellan Telescope Multi-object Astronomical and Cosmological Spectrograph at The Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences (IAG), University of São Paulo (USP).
Univ. de São Paulo (Brazil)
Antonio Braulio Neto
Univ de São Paulo (Brazil)