SPIE joins in centenary celebration of Institut d’Optique

SPIE Classics celebrates 100 years of optics education and research at top-ranked institution.

20 October 2017

Established in 1917, the Institut d'Optique (France) has grown from a one-year course followed by a few students in the first years, to the promotion of 150 student-engineers on three sites today, in Bordeaux (Le laboratoire Photonique Numérique and Nanosciences), Paris-Saclay (Le laboratoire Charles Fabry), and Saint Etienne (Le laboratoire Hubert Curien/ERIS).

Its mission, established by law in 1920, is to support the French photonics industry through training of scientific engineers, doctoral training, innovation-entrepreneurship, and research at the highest level.

The institute's 100 years of achievement in light-based technologies were honored SPIE and others in the photonics community during centenary celebrations on 13 October at the Institut d'Optique in Paris.

The following SPIE Newsroom articles feature authors from Institut d'Optique:

Confined Tamm plasmons for metal-semiconductor lasers

Confined Tamm plasmon modes in hybrid structures open perspectives for new optoelectronic devices.

Negative refractive index of optical metamaterials

A new ‘microscopic' approach provides an analytical description of optical-light propagation in artificial materials with a fishnet structure.

Organic vertically emitting lasers: toward low-cost, UV-visible sources

A new design enables unprecedented efficiencies and the lowest wavelength to date for organic thin-film lasers.

Articles from the SPIE Digital Library offer a little history of the research at Institut d'Optique:

X-ray holographic microscopy at LURE and Institut d'Optique

Gabor holographic recording is an efficient way to collect information for soft x-ray imaging with undulator synchrotron radiation sources.

X-UV Optics in near-normal incidence realised at the "Institut d'Optique"

Two objectives to be used at 304 Å, in near-normal incidence have been made at IOTA : one is Ritchey-Chretien Telescope, the other is a Schwarzschild microscope used to observe laser heated targets.

Current Research In The Institut D'optique - Orsay

Non locality in wave mechanics. The Einstein -Bohr dispute and the optical test of Bell's inequalities.

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