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Highlights from Photonics West articles

Photonics West authors publish their work on SPIE Newsroom.

Novel architecture for reconfigurable optical wireless networking data centers

The FireFly architecture features free-space optics communication links and represents an extreme design approach to meet the requirements of modern robust data center networks.



Terahertz endoscopic imaging for cancer diagnosise

A prototype endoscopic imaging system, based on flexible terahertz waveguide technology, detects tissue abnormalities in real time and may ultimately enhance in vivo cancer screening.



Novel nanoscale transfer printing technique for precise positioning of nanowire lasers

Semiconductor nanowires, with lasing emission at room temperature, can be transferred in a controlled way to specific locations on diverse substrates and organized into bespoke spatial patterns.



Polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography of the human brain connectome

High-resolution ex vivo imaging of the brain is achieved with a novel technique that will enable studies of normal brain structure and the effects of neurological disorders.



Room-temperature blue-emitting high-beta gallium nitride nanobeam cavity lasers

Compact, low-threshold III-nitride nanolasers prove to be a versatile platform from which to explore the ultimate properties of lasing in dielectric media thanks to efficient photon funneling.



Improving the performance of ZnO-based perovskite solar cells

The efficiency and stability of perovskite solar cells with zinc oxide electron transport layers are significantly affected by the deposition method and post-deposition surface modifications.



Dielectric metasurface-based freeform optics

Metasurfaces provide an inexpensive and easily fabricated platform for building complex optical surfaces that enable novel functionalities and can be used in simplified compound optical systems..



Reducing the roughness of 3D micro-optics

UV light exposure causes modification of the glass transition temperature in the skin layer of polymeric lenses and enables smoothing without structural changes.



High-productivity synthesis of ligand-free nanoparticles by laser ablation in liquids

 Metal and metal oxide nanoparticles are produced on the gram scale with a novel ablation setup that includes a high-power pulsed-laser system, an ultrafast laser scanner, and a customized ablation chamber.



Semiconductor nanopyramids for building high-yield quantum photonic devices

Novel structures exhibit highly directional emission and provide a template for site-controlled quantum dots and self-aligned nanophotonic cavities..



Identification of gastrointestinal cancers using rapid mid-IR spectral imaging

Tunable light sources and megapixel detectors can improve mid-IR spectral imaging for large-scale histopathological assessment of biological tissues, enabling rapid medical diagnosis.


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