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Highlights from Photonics West articles

Photonics West authors publish their work on SPIE Newsroom

Recording Denisyuk-type holograms with multi-pulse laser exposure

 Multi-pulse photomaterial exposure using a single longitudinal mode-pulsed red-green-blue laser achieves an image depth of up to 40cm for Denisyuk-type holograms.



Imaging the response to long-term neural implants

 A multimodal optical imaging approach enables assessment of the long-term reliability of microelectrodes used to record brain activity, stimulate specific cortical regions, and control neural prostheses.



Noninvasive assessment of fracture healing using spatially offset Raman spectroscopy

 A handheld fiber probe with adjustable offsets enables spatially offset Raman spectroscopy at different depths for noninvasive analysis of callus composition during fracture healing.



Increasing the sensitivity of optical current sensors

 Photonic integrated circuits can be used with terbium-doped fibers or cerium-doped yttrium iron garnet waveguides to achieve high sensitivity and small footprints.




A multi-aperture computational ultra-high-speed camera with ultra-fast charge modulators

 A multi-aperture camera based on optoelectrocomputational architecture enables filming at 200M frames/s through use of a CMOS image sensor with ultra-fast charge modulators and compressive sensing.



Four-dimensional integrated photonic devices

A novel mode-coupling technique can be used to introduce an extra ‘synthetic' dimension to an array.





Using a superfluid to image its own vortices

 The singly quantized vortices in superfluids can provide an ‘atomic theory' of turbulence (for which there is no general theory), enabling a ‘video camera' operating at ∼100 microkelvin to image vortices.




Analyzing energy conversion in nanoscale optoelectronics

A new theoretical framework allows several thermodynamic parameters, such as efficiency and entropy current, to be defined.




Rydberg physics in semiconductors

High-resolution spectroscopy reveals excitons with highly excited states and micrometer-scale spatial extents.




Superlens in the skies: liquid-crystal-polymer technology for telescopes

Fourth-generation optics involving the spatial modulation of the anisotropy axis in the plane of thin polymer films opens up unprecedented opportunities for imaging and optical communication



Highly efficient UV emission with semipolar quantum wells

Specially designed aluminum gallium nitride devices can be used to control carrier recombination rates and emission line widths.



Tight control in the fabrication process of light-emitting nanofibers

A firm control over parameters affecting the electrospinning fabrication method enables better production of nanofilaments and devices based on them.



A monolithic LED array for smart lighting sources

 Monolithic LED arrays facilitate spatial control of light emission and adjustment of the electrical properties of the source.




Electronic terahertz imaging for security applications

A compact system for 2D and 3D sensing has been built using semiconductor and microelectromechanical systems components.




Mid-IR laser-based sensor for hydrogen peroxide detection

A continuous-wave external-cavity quantum cascade laser is integrated with a multipass absorption cell to target a hydrogen peroxide interference-free absorption line at 1234.055cm-1.



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