Multimedia presentations: Hot Topics and plenary talks from SPIE Photonics West 2013

Covering a variety of topics, these presentations by innovators in optics and photonics are a highlight of the symposium.

15 February 2013

BiOS Hot Topics

The BiOS Hot Topics session at Photonics West was the Saturday-night destination of choice. Hundreds of people packed the room to hear eight speakers present the challenge of further integrating optics and photonics technologies into clinical practice, along with updates on applications such as surgical robotics and ultrasound, for treating stroke, cancer, and numerous other conditions.

Patterned Multiphoton Photoactivation in Scattering Tissue by Temporal Focusing
Dan Oron, Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel)

Dan Oron
Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel)

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Multiwave Approach to Elasticity Imaging for Cancer Detection
Mathias Fink, Institute ESPCI, CNRS (France)
Mathias Fink
Institute ESPCI, CNRS (France)

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Functional Optical Imaging of the Brain

Joe Culver, Washington Univ. in St. Louis (USA)
Joe Culver
Washington University in St. Louis (USA)

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Clinical Requirements for Optical Imaging in Medical Robotics
Jonathan Sorger, Intuitive Surgical, Inc. (USA)
Jonathan Sorger
Intuitive Surgical, Inc. (USA)

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Optogenetics and Hybrid-Optical Control of Cells
Ernst Bamberg, Max Planck Insitute (Germany)
Ernst Bamberg
Max Planck Insitute (Germany)

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MEMs Tunable VCSEL Technology for Ultrahigh-Speed OCT

Ben Potsaid, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

Ben Potsaid
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

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Plenary Sessions

Plenary sessions at Photonics West featured discussions on advances in optics and photonics technologies, such as laser writing, optomechanics, and nanotechnology.


LASE Plenary Sessions

Laser-based Particle Acceleration and the Path to TeV Physics and Compact X-Ray and Gamma Ray Sources
Wim Leemans, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

Wim Leemans
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (USA)

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Three-dimensional Metamaterials Made By Direct Laser Writing
Martin Wegener, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Martin Wegener
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany)

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OPTO Plenary Sessions

Quantum Optomechanics
Markus Aspelmeyer, Vienna Ctr. for Quantum Science and Technology, Univ. of Vienna
Markus Aspelmeyer
Vienna Ctr. for Quantum Science and Technology
University of Vienna (Austria)

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Group IV Photonics for the Mid Infrared
Richard Soref, Univ. of Massachusetts Boston
Richard Soref
University of Massachusetts Boston (USA)

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Light in a Twist: Optical Angular Momentum
Miles J. Padgett, Univ. of Glasgow

Miles J. Padgett
University of Glasgow (United Kingdom)

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