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Kate Kirby

Executive Officer, American Physical Society
Country of birth: USA
Country of residence: USA

Educational background: AB degree from Harvard College; MS and PhD from University of Chicago

kate KirbyA typical work day.
At the American Physical Society (APS), I work with staff and various committees of volunteers to ensure that APS meetings are well run, that membership in the organization remains healthy, and that our programs in education, outreach, international affairs, and advocacy for physics (government funding and policy issues) are effective and serving the interests of the physics community. I give talks, participate in panel discussions, plan events, and try to keep informed on the many topics of interest in physics research and education.

What I enjoy most.
One of the most under-recognized benefi ts of working in physics research is the opportunity to be part of the international scientific community. Meeting and collaborating with physicists from all over the world has been an exceptional privilege. There is also the opportunity for travel as part of one's work.

Words of wisdom.
Women are often way too self-critical. It's important to learn how to encourage yourself and be comfortable with your accomplishments.