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Vasudevan "Vengu" Lakshminarayanan

Prof. Vasudevan "Vengu"  Lakshminarayanan

Professor of Optometry, Electrical Engineering and Physics
University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo ON N2L 3G1

tel: 519 888 4567 x38167
fax: 519 725 0784
E-mail: vengu@uwaterloo.ca

Area of Expertise

Medical optics, optometry, vision science, fiber optics, visual optics, geometric optics, aberration theory, visual psychophysics


I received my Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. Have had research and teaching appointments at UCBerekely, UC Irvine, Univ. of Missouri -St. Louis and the medical optics industry. Areas of interest include: vision science, fiber optics, mathematical methods applied to vision and optometry, classical optics including visual optics, geometric optics, aberration theory, etc. and visual psychophysics (both basic and clinical). Fellow of OSA,SPIE,AAAS, IoP.

Lecture Title(s)

The Retinal Photoreceptor as a Fiber Optic Element
The retinal photoreceptors act as classic waveguide devices. This talk will show the psychophysical and other evidence for this fact. This waveguiding implies that we are more sensitive to light coming from the center of the pupil than from the periphery.

There is More to Vision than Optics!
This talk will describe the neurophysiological foundations of vision and perception. It will point out the role that physicists and engineers have played in understanding the basics of vision.

Lie Algebraic Theory of Optical Aberrations
It is possible to describe departures upto any order from Gaussian optics in terms of operator algebras. Lie operators are a convenient way to study aberrations of optical systems.

An Introduction to Fiber Optics
Basic elements of fiber optics, including propagation, amplification, coding of the signal, will be presented.

Laser Safety
Lasers can cause considerable damage to the eye. This talk will review the basic biophysics of laser damage, modes of damage and safety standards.

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