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Sean P. Kearney

Mr. Sean P. Kearney

Optical Engineering Manager
Honeywell Scanning & Mobility
Owner / Operator
Laser Guy Productions

184 Sycamore Ave.
Marlton NJ 08053
United States

tel: (609) 781-1310
E-mail: LaserGuyProductions@Gmail.com
Web: http://www.LaserGuyProductions.com

Area of Expertise

Barcode Scanner System Design (Laser and imaging based), Laser Show Displays, and Optics Education Outreach


Sean Kearney has been working in the AIDC (Auto Identification and Data Capture) industry since 2004. He currently holds the position of US Optical Engineering Manager at Honeywell Scanning and Mobility designing both imaging and laser based barcode scanning products. His work experience includes imaging lens, laser beam shaping, signal collection, area illumination and thin film coating optic design. Sean is named inventor on more than 40 US patents related to optics and the AIDC industry.

Since 1999, Sean has shared his passion for laser and optics by providing educational outreach demonstrations to his local schools and community. Sean founded a small Laser Show company called Laser Guy Productions which provides full planetarium-style laser shows in both classrooms and auditoriums. Sean has written and produced several laser show modules that simplify and explain basic laser and optics concepts for young children of all ages to understand and enjoy. In 2010, he was awarded an SPIE Outreach Grant to fund expansions to the laser show demonstrations. Additionally he was invited as a guest presenter at the SPIE Optics Outreach Olympics in San Diego. In 2011, Sean was invited to partipate on the SPIE education committee and outreach grant sub-committee where he currently serves.

Lecture Title(s)

Optics and LASERS - An Educational Roadshow

Sean ("The Laser Guy") believes that Laser Shows are the ultimate convergence of music, art, science and technology. They engage audiences of any age and any background. The sole purpose of his efforts has been to expose young minds to all of the exciting science and technology that surrounds them (most particularly the science of light).

The duration of a demonstration is 45 - 60 minutes. A typical school visit will include 3 to 5 shows within a school day to rotate groups of students through the demonstration.

A demonstration begins with a brief introduction from the Laser Guy and some questions designed to elicit information about where the children have seen or heard of lasers before. The actual demonstration begins with a laser show module (a song) that always gets the children's attention. It serves as an excellent segue to discuss topics starting with laser show basics including "What is persistence of vision?" and "How do our eyes work?" "What does LASER stand for?"

Throughout the Laser Guy's discussions, he asks the children to make simple "scientific" observations about what they are seeing and push them to think more like scientists. Together they learn about light, photons, waves (wavelength) and the rainbow (ROYGBIV). With these basics, the Laser Guy then demonstrates how flash lights and lasers produce light while pointing out their important characteristics.

Children always bring up laser pointers, which is a perfect time to discuss laser safety. It is extremely helpful for children to understand the dangers of laser light if used inappropriately. More importantly these children will go on to share this information with friends and family.

The Laser Guy also includes discussions about commercial technology like compact and BluRay disc, fiber optics, holograms and any other topics the children bring up. For each topic, LGP has developed props and demonstrations that are visually attractive and memorable.

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