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Leszek R. Jaroszewicz

 Leszek R. Jaroszewicz

Professor, Deputy Rector for Scientific Affairs
Military University of Technology

Institute of Applied Physics
Kaliskiego Str 2

Warsaw  00-908

tel: 48 22 683 9031
fax: 48 22 683 9014
E-mail: jarosz@wat.edu.pl

Area of Expertise

Fibre-optic coherent transmission, fibre-optic gyroscope, interferometric and polarimetric optical fibre sensors


Leszek R. Jaroszewicz (National Professor since 2002) received MSc, PhD and was qualified as assistant professor in the field of fibre-optic application in 1983, 1989 and 1996, respectively. From 1984 he started research work in Physics Applications Division, where in 1994-2001 he was the Head of this Division. He was the Director of the Institute of Applied Physics, MUT in period 2001-2005, and now he is the Deputy Rector for Scientific Affairs of MUT.

Since 1984, his scientific interests have regarded fibre-optic coherent transmission, fibre-optic gyroscope and interferometric and polarimetric optical fibre sensors. At present, his main field of interest are technologies and applications of fibre-optic, especially concerned with polarisation problems in waveguide structures used for sensors construction. From many years the different aspect of the fibre-optic Sagnac interferometer applications as sensor for different physical fields is his fascination.

He is the author or co-author of more than 160 papers of fibre-optic sensor physics and application, 4 textbooks and 10 patents.

Lecture Title(s)

Polarisation and Coherence Problems in the Interferometric Fibre-Optic Sensors
Theoretical investigation as well as experimental verification on influence of coherence and polarisation on fibre-optic interferometer action. On this base it is shown that the polarisation influence on fibre-optic interferometer action in more serious problem than influence of the coherence phenomenon. This problem is recognised as the main difference between bulk and optical fibre interferometric system. Analysis of different fibre-optic interferometer configurations such as: Mach-Zehnder, Michelson, Sagnac, Fabry-Perott, ring resonator and differential (polarimetric), from their sensitivities on polarisation instability generated by environmental conditions changes (temperature mainly) is also presented and discussed.

Fibre-optic Sagnac Interferometer and Related Sensing Devices
The author's experiences in the different possibilities of an application of the fibre-optic Sagnac interferometer as the sensor of physical fields are presented. The overview of different area of the Sagnac interferometer application starts from fibre-gyro construction investigation. On this base the applications of the Sagnac interferometer as a sensor of rotation for an investigation of slow-speed rotational platforms and a construction of distributed security system are described. The possibilities of an application of modified Sagnac system for measurements of nanometer vibrations and parameters of the in-line fibre-optic polarizer, phase and polarization modulator are also presented. Next, the possibility for using the Sagnac interferometer as the fibre-optic polarisation analyzer is described. Finally, the recent work connected with construction and application of fibre-optic rotational seismometer are also presented.

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