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Wavefront SPIE Student Member Newsletter

Vol. 5 Issue 3 September 2007


Expanded Leadership Workshop Kicks Off SPIE
  Optics+Photonics [more]

  • "Chapter Development" [wmv] [mov]
    Lynn Wang, Univ. of California, Berkeley
  • "Engaging New Members" [wmv] [mov]
    Rajeev Shenoi, Univ. of New Mexico
  • "Career Advice from the President" [wmv] [mov]
    Brian Culshaw, 2007 SPIE President
  • "Communication for Scientists" [wmv] [mov]
    Kevin Harding, GE Global Research
  • "How to be Marketable in a Changing World" [wmv] [mov]
    Kevin Harding, GE Global Research
  • "Giving Good Presentation Talks" [wmv] [mov]
    Richard Youngworth, Ball Aerospace

Best of the Student Chapter Leadership Workshop
   Roundtable discussion notes [more]

Welcome Back! A Letter from Dirk [more]

Join us on Facebook [more]

ORA Announces Student Optical Design Competition
  Winners [more]


More Downloads from the Student Chapter
  Leadership Workshop [more]

New! Collected Resources for Students and Early
  Career Professionals [more]
  (Log-in required to view these articles)

  • "Making Networking Work" [more]
  • "Just Trust Me" [more]
  • "What Every Engineer Needs to Know about Leadership and Management" [more]

SPIE Announces 2007 Scholarship and Grant Winners

East Asia and Pacific Summer Institute NSF Funding

Funding Opportunities

2008 SPIE Scholarship Applications Due 11 January

Collaborative Conference Grant Applications Due
  1 October [more]

Upcoming Events 

Optics in the Southeast (OISE) – Cancelled
  [contact John Ballato for details]

Advanced Infrared Technology and Applications
 (AITA) 2007 [more]

Encuentro de Óptica Aplicada [more]


Welcome New Student Chapters! [more]

•  5 new Chapters representing universities in Argentina, China, Mexico, Russia, and the USA join SPIE

•  Deadline for new Chapter Applications: 5 October 2007

Congratulations Chapter Website Competition Winners!

•  1st Place ($500)
Singapore Student Chapter

•  2nd Place ($300)
Tec de Monterrey

•  3rd Place ($200)
Taurida National V.I. Vernadsky University

•  Honorable Mention
University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Submit an Abstract for Photonics Europe! [more]
Due Date: 24 September 2007


Register for the ICTP Winter College [more]
Due Date: 14 October 2007
Topic: Micro and Nano Photonics for Life Sciences
Apply early to allow for visa processing

Thanks to everyone who completed the Leadership Workshop Survey! Sam Litvin from the UCSD - Triton Chapter won the drawing for a case of pint glasses from SPIE.

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Email students@spie.org