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Student Newsletter June 2003

Report from Beijing

Up Against the Great Wall of SARS

Student Chapter President, An Jing (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications) sends news on life under quarantine.

University Campus An Jing's university has been under SARS quarantine for two months. Students who live off campus were told to move computers and some documents back home and stay there. They are forbidden to go back to the school this term. Students staying on campus in dorms have been ordered to stay there, but campus life is far from routine. Most classes are canceled; some labs are open some days with few people working in them. Studying is restricted to dorms.

While "congregated activities" such as cinema or games in the gym are theoretically forbidden, many students can still be seen playing basketball, football, and badminton or just watching TV in the dorm for want of something better to do with their time.

Beijing Subway An Jing's family lives in Beijing. He usually visits home every two or three weeks, but has not been home since the beginning of the quarantine. "I can only contact my parents by telephone. My father's work in the factory has just resumed after a three week shutdown. My mother is a high school teacher, currently working just Monday, Tuesday and Friday every week."

The quarantine is now starting to lift at BUPT, as no actual SARS cases were found at the school. Most undergraduate and postgraduate courses with less than 50 students have resumed; all courses with more than 50 students are still suspended. An Jing reports that now a student can leave campus to go to work during the day, but must return before night.

Students Talking And, he says, the quarantine restrictions at other universities such as Tsinghua Univ, Peking Univ, Beijing Normal Univ., where cases of SARS were found, have been much more severe than at BUPT. Their students are forbidden to leave campus for any reason. " Our campus borders on Beijing Normal Univ. From my lab's window I can see many lovers talking to each other across the space between the iron fences, like a jail! I hope our normal life will return soon."

Student Member ProfileStudent Member Profile: Agata Jozwicka
Head of the Class: Agata Jozwicka makes the grade as an active student member of SPIE.

The First Step Towards Your New Career

Explore your options at SPIEWorks, SPIE's employment website. Browse job opportunities, post your qualifications, register for email notifications (Job Agents) or visit the "resources" section for helpful job search tips.

SPIE Annual Meeting Program
Events and Connections
Plan to attend the Student and SPIE Scholarship Reception Tuesday 5 August, 3:30-4:30 pm Marriott Hotel, Level 3 South Tower, Marina F San Diego, California, USA

If you are a current student member or interested in becoming a student member add this to your calendar. The 2003 SPIE Scholarship and Grant winners will be recognized, followed by a reception with students and SPIE leaders mixing and mingling in a casual setting. Oh, did we mention this is an ice-cream social?

Hotel Rooms to Share in San Diego
If you're looking to cut costs to attend this year's Annual Meeting, head over to the Student Chapter Forum on the SPIE site at http://spie.org/app/forums/
You can post a message if you need a hotel room or would like to share the room you have reserved. It's also a great way to meet a new friend!

Kiev Taras Shevchenko National University

Success Organizing International Events
Chapter members helped organize the Third International Young Scientists Conference "Problems of Optics and High Technology Material Science SPO 2002". This event drew 200 participants from nine countries including some attendees from as far away as Japan, India, and China. The Chapter was also involved in putting together the First International Photo-Exhibition "Art in Optics".

Chapter to Chapter Interactions
The group has been actively collaborating and communicating with other Ukraine student chapters at Taurida and Chernovtsy State Universities, and Vinnitsa and Kyiv Technical Universities, as well as interacting with the St. Petersburg Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics in St. Petersburg, Russia. With the support of the Regional SPIE Ukraine Chapter, this active group of students has begun publishing a series of books of Optics Courses offered at their university. Chapter officers include: President, Viktor Lysyuk; Vice President Oleg Iljin; Treasurer, Dmytro Nosach; Secretary, Ruslana Udovitskaya. The Chapter Advisor is Leonid Poperenko

Kent State University, Ohio
Members of the Kent State Chapter have been very active both locally and internationally. Members attended and gave presentations at numerous events, including SPIE-organized conferences in the U.S. and Poland.

Connecting Internationally
Chapter members served as mentors to graduate students at State University "Lviv Polytechnic" in the Ukraine, helping them start their own SPIE student chapter. Kent State Chapter president Ivan Smalyukh met with presidents of two SPIE student chapters, Oksana Ruzak, Univ. of Cambridge (UK) and Agata Jozwicka, Warsaw University of Technology (Poland) to plan future collaborative activities among their chapters.

Contributing Locally
Members of the chapter spent time with undergraduate physics students at Kent State to inform them about and promote Graduate Chemical Physics, presenting a lecture on liquid crystals. Using SPIE posters they encouraged students to apply for SPIE scholarships and grants. The students started their SPIE Chapter library with a combination of books purchased from and donations made by SPIE. They promoted optics-related graduate programs and SPIE membership during the "Experience Kent State" day. During the summer, chapter members served as instructors at the university's Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program.

Chapter officers are: President, Ivan Smalyukh; Vice-president, Chenhui Wang; Treasurer, Oleg Pishnyak; Secretary, Xinghua Wang. The Chapter Advisor is Oleg D. Lavrentovich

Looking for Chapter Activity Ideas?
If you're starting a chapter or simply looking for a way to get fellow students interested in a technical topic, consider organizing an informal lecture with a professor from your department or another department at your university. Try to invite someone that is already well-known to the students. Schedule the event on a night of the week that most students have free. Announce it by email and posting flyers at least two weeks in advance and offer free food (such as pizza and soda). When you send out the email invitation ask students-- "please respond so we know how much food to order." It's probably one of the easiest activities you can plan and it can be a good way for students to meet each other.