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Staffing Changes in SPIE Student Services

By Jason Hamman & Benjamyn Lockwood

Greetings everyone. For those of you who don't know or haven't met me at a conference, my name is Jason Hamman. For the past two years I have organized student activities at SPIE conferences and worked closely with our Student Chapters and dedicated volunteers. I was recently offered an opportunity to teach overseas and have made the difficult decision to leave SPIE. It has been an amazing experience working here at SPIE and getting to know all of you, whether directly or indirectly. I wish you all the best of luck with your studies and future careers!

Please take a moment to welcome the new Student Activities Coordinator...

Hi, my name is Benjamyn Lockwood and I am the new Student Activities Coordinator. I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in French, while also studying a fair amount of Spanish and Japanese. After college, I moved up to Alaska to work with high school students. Essentially, I've worked with students from various backgrounds for years I'm excited to continue that work here at SPIE. I can be contacted at benl@spie.org