FEMTO-ST Chapter

FEMTO-ST Chapter

TEMIS Sciences
15b avenue des Montboucons
Besancon CEDEX

The chapter was established on 8 February 2013.

2018 Chapter Benefits

Activity GrantAvailable
Optics Outreach KitAvailable
Visiting LecturerUsed
Officer Travel GrantAvailable

Latest Reports:


Report is due annually on 1 April.

2018 Chapter Officers

Advisor: Christophe Gorecki
President: Florent Behague
Vice President: Hasnaa Meliani
Secretary: Rémi Meyer
Treasurer: Louis Andréoli
Vice-Secretary: Vahan Malkhasyan
Vice-Treasurer: Deroh Koffi Moïse Kouamé

Member Roster

Total Student Members: 11    [Hide Roster]

Name Expires
Eduardo Alvear 7 February 2018
Louis Andréoli 26 April 2018
Florent Behague 18 April 2018
Amar Nath Ghosh 12 April 2018
Adrien Godet 16 February 2018
Tatiana Kovalevich 31 January 2018
Vahan Malkhasyan 18 January 2019
Hasnaa Meliani 22 November 2018
Rémi Meyer 9 February 2019
Solveig Perret 12 April 2019
Nipun Sharma 7 February 2018

Alumni Roster

No current alumni members listed.

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