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SPIE Announces 2015 Scholarship Recipients

SPIE awarded $353,000 in scholarships to 126 outstanding individuals, based on their potential for long-range contribution to optics and photonics, or a related discipline. Award-winning applicants were evaluated and selected and approved by the SPIE Scholarship Committee.

To date, SPIE has distributed over $4 million dollars in individual scholarships. This ambitious effort reflects the Society's commitment to education and to the next generation of optical scientists and engineers around the world.

2015 Top Scholarship Winners:

The SPIE D.J. Lovell Scholarship was awarded to Daming Xu, University of Central Florida (USA). This is the Society's most prestigious scholarship.




Weibo Cheng, The University of Arizona (USA), was awarded the John Kiel Scholarship which was established to honor SPIE founding member John Kiel, in recognition of his long-standing and significant contributions to the society. This scholarship is sponsored by SPIE and is awarded for the student's potential for long-term contribution to the field of optics and optical engineering.


The Laser Technology, Engineering and Applications Scholarship was awarded to Amina Hussein, University of Michigan (USA). This scholarship is awarded in recognition of the student's scholarly achievement in Laser Technology, Engineering, or Applications. Funds are provided in part by SPIE.


The Optical Design and Engineering Scholarship was awarded to James Corsetti, University of Rochester (USA). The scholarship was established in memory of Bill Price and Warren Smith, both well-respected members of SPIE's technical community. This scholarship is awarded to a full-time graduate or undergraduate student in the field of optical design and engineering.


Yow-Gwo Wang, University of California, Berkeley (USA), was awarded the BACUS Photomask Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate or a graduate student in the field of microlithography with an emphasis on optical tooling and/or semiconductor manufacturing technologies. This scholarship is sponsored by BACUS, SPIE's Photomask International Technical Group.

Scholarship of Related Interest

The 2015 Michael Kidger Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Eric Schiesser, a third-year PhD student in the Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester (USA), under the guidance of Professor Jannick Rolland, Brian J. Thompson Professor of Optical Engineering. Schiesser's research addresses the advantages of non-axi-symmetric optical elements in optical design. He is currently working on packaging optics within the boundaries of a next generation high-power laser in laser fusion energy experiments. This work is in association with the Laboratory for Laser Energetics. Tina E. Kidger will present this scholarship at SPIE OPTIFAB. The Michael Kidger Memorial Scholarship was established in 1998 to honor Michael John Kidger, a well-respected education, design software developer, and member of the optical science and engineering community.

Other 2015 SPIE Scholarship Recipients:

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