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Leadership Series

The SPIE Student Services and SPIE Professional Leadership Series can help SPIE Members transition from student to early career professional and beyond. 

Leadership Series articles from SPIE Professional magazine focus on practical workplace advice to help you become a more effective professional. You'll also find relevant, open-access articles about optics industry leadership below.

------ SPIE Professional Articles ------

Edmund Optics outlines programs to support women in optics and photonics.

Career advice in the 2017 SPIE Women in Optics monthly planner.

Mark Warner's 7 habits of highly effective project managers.

A researcher and entrepreneur involved with nanophotonics and solar cells receive the 2016 SPIE Early Career Achievement Awards.

Citing your own research is not inherently problematic.

Career advice and inspiration in the 2016-17 SPIE Women in Optics calendar.

Alaina G. Levine's 10 tips to leverage a golden opportunity.

Christopher Wilcox and Matthew Jungwirth advance careers by chairing a conference session.

SPIE Student Chapters promote optics education in Africa.

Europe's DG Connect pledges to promote more women in science at its events.

THz innovators Miriam Vitiello and Alan Lee awarded inaugural prizes.

Career advice in the 2015-16 SPIE Women in Optics calendar.

Tips for getting started on the right track.

Photonics industry programs at SPIE events show the way to entrepreneurial leadership.

If you're not ready for optics entrepreneurshiip, become an intrapreneur instead.

SPIE Women in Optics give career advice in the 2014-15 monthly planner.

SPIE had 238 Student Chapters at the end of 2013.

Thirty women give career advice in the SPIE Women in Optics 2013-14 monthly planner.

"Great" professors inspired Johns Hopkins University professor Jin Kang.

The SPIE Women in Optics 2012-13 monthly planner showcases the work of 26 women in the field of optics and photonics.

Gary Hinkle says optical engineers need exceptional growth plans for their careers.

Dean Kamen, an American entrepreneur and Segway inventor, encourages the next generation of science and technology innovators.

Learn what advice the SPIE Women in Optics offer in the 2011 calendar.

A new book by David Giltner shows how researchers can turn science into "things people need" and find rewarding careers in industry.

Learn how to build a personal brand for your career in optics and photonics

Many future career and leadership opportunities can be hidden within an internship.

An early career professional at Edmund Optics learns valuable lessons through international experiences.

Professor Martin Schwartz writes in the Journal of Cell Science that science is supposed to be hard. Reprinted in October 2009 SPIE Professional.

SPIE launches a new series of continuing education courses online for optics professionals.

Retired Lockheed Martin CEO Norman Augustine says an engineer's education should include ethics, politics, biology, and communication.

Rochester entrepreneur Robert Saltzman finds success in automation.

Maximize your career options in optics and photonics by considering all possibilities

A joke in the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab turned into a zero-gravity experiment for four NJ students.
Professor Jennifer Barton shares her tips for recruiting the first graduate students for your lab.
Applying to grad school means finding a compatible adviser. Kristen Carlson Maitland tells you how.

Sanjay Krishna, an early career professional from New Mexico, wins a new SPIE award.

Universities can offer big-time help to entrepreneurs moving nanotechnology to market.
Sarah Kendrew says cross border study and employment can really expand your career network.
Justin Mansell of MZA Associates discusses how his involvement in SPIE member activities is an investment for the Society and for himself.
Tips from Penn State's Akhlesh Lakhtakia on writing a solid journal article.
There are many options available during the early years of your career -- learn about some of the possibilities and how to take advantage of them.
A few pointers help take the mystery out of connecting minds.
Entering the workforce means more than being a good engineer. Essential qualities such as trustworthiness must be sharpened to be an effective professional.
Many current students will soon be instructors themselves. Here is advice on how to make that transition smoother for all involved.
Getting promoted is more straightforward than it may first appear.
Read on for advice on where to start and what to look for when researching a graduate program.
Use these tips to maximize your job interview.
Use these simple guidelines to create a more effective resume or CV.
Enhance your next scientific presentation with these helpful hints.
If your writing has been missing the mark, use these tips to help connect with your readers.
Use these tips to make your research proposals more attractive to funders.
The idea of managing time might be a myth, but there are steps you can take to become more organized and less frazzled.
As the patent boom continues unabated, career opportunities abound for engineers---no law degree required.
Early career professionals seek the right workplace, while employers strive to retain valuable employees. Here’s helpful advice for both sides of this challenge.
Greg Crawford shares his thoughts on high-tech entrepreneurship for students.
Robert Rosner talks about professional development and the U.S. national labs.
Start your medical imaging career right with tips from Elizabeth Krupinski, chair of Medical Imaging 2006.
Students can cultivate creativity, commercialize a product idea, and learn essential leadership skills through entrepreneurial competitions.

Optics Leadership Resources

Cosmos profiles Tanya Monro of University of South Australia.

Blue LED inventor Shuji Nakamura and other 2014 Nobel Prize winners' career paths.

The LA Times profiles SPIE instructor Andrea Belz, academic director of an entrepreneurship and innovation program.

SPIE Senior Member Cristina Solano named recipient of SPIE Educator Award.

Jeremy Munday receives the 2014 SPIE Early Career Achievement Award.

Join the SPIE group on LinkedInFollow SPIE event and career news on LinkedIn.

Frances Mitchell and Margaret Ledwith from the Innovation Academy University College Dublin, will lead the SPIE Student Chapter Leadership Workshop in Brussels in April 2014.

Timothy J. White is the recipient of the 2013 SPIE Early Career Achievement Award.

Facebook"Like" SPIE.org on Facebook to find and share news about optics and photonics.

Geoffrey Yoder, director of the James Webb Space Telescope program, discusses leadership, his career, and how he manages his team.

Optics and photonics professionals in the defense sector have widely transferrable job skills.

SPIE member Andrea Alu is the recipient of the 2012 SPIE Early Career Achievement Award.

Rajeev Peshawaria, a CEO and author of "Too Many Bosses, Too Few Leaders," answers questions about leadership in the SmartBlog.

Cambridge NanoTech founder Jill Becker discusses her company's success with The Boston Herald.

Stephen Furber of the University of Manchester (UK) discusses his work at Acorn Computers, where he was a principal designer of the BBC Microcomputer System and the ARM microprocessor.

SPIE member Aydogan Ozcan of UCLA is the recipient of the 2011 SPIE Early Career Achievement Award.

Colin Angle, CEO at iRobot, talks to The New York Times about his mission to build robotic devices.

The Active Learning in Optics and Photonics team has won the 2011 SPIE Educator Award for bringing light through hands-on training.

Professional development events at SPIE Photonics West 2011 will help optics students and early career professionals explore an entrepreneurial career path.

The new Hart Center for Engineering Leadership at Southern Methodist University recognizes that future leaders rely on skills that go beyond math and science.

SPIE member Alberto Salleo, a Stanford University materials scientist, is the 2010 recipient of the SPIE Early Career Achievement Award.

Nicholas Massa, of Springfield Technical Community College (Mass., USA), is the 2010 SPIE Educator Award winner.

Outside directors and senior managers learn from each other in a unique partnership at Advanced Medical Optics. (From Corporate Board Member magazine)

Anant Mathur, an optical engineer at Bausch and Lomb, has advice for other early career professionals. (From ROCnow.com)

Corning CEO Wendell Weeks discusses leadership and the state of the LCD display industry with the DIGITIMES.

Network with hundreds of other students on the SPIE Students' page on Facebook.

A new report on the business of sustainability finds that corporate management is being transformed by concerns about environmental, economic, and social sustainability. Link to the MIT Sloan Management Review.

A N.Y. newspaper interviews ITT optical systems engineer Danette Fitzgerald about her career goals and challenges.

Matthew McMahon of Second Sight Medical Products will serve as legislative assistant for 2009-2010.

Fenna Hanes of the New England Board of Higher Education, USA, is the 2009 SPIE Educator Award winner.

The 2009 Student Chapter Leadership Workshop 1 August provides professional development and networking opportunities.

SPIEWorks has been named among the Top 100 job boards and career portals by Weddle's 2009/10 Guide.

UC Irvine Extension introduces new and expanded leadership programs on sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Join more than 2,000 colleagues in the SPIE networking group on LinkedIn. Get the latest industry news and learn about jobs in optics and photonics.

SPIE organizes and hosts many activities for early career professionals.

Learn more about benefits of membership as an early career professional.

Meggin McIntosh presents "Managing Your Small and Large Projects: Hunks, Chunks, and Bites," in a Member-Only Webcast

Watch the SPIE Newsroom videos of defense and security experts discussing challenges and opportunities of working in the industry.

Several events at SPIE Optics+Photonics 2008 were aimed at helping students and early career professionals.

Patent Attorney Marshall Honeyman presents an SPIE-Member Webcast on "When Not to File a Patent."
Gary Hinkle presents "Essential Skills for Engineering Project Leaders" in a Member-Only Webcast
A San Jose Mercury columnist finds signs of optimism for increasing the number of women in tech company CEO jobs.

Marc Himel explains how a company's values and vision can unify all employees and give job applicants insight into whether they'll fit in.

Dr. Marc Himel expands on his article about trust in the workplace in an interview with a SPIE Student Chapter leader.

Continuously developing leadership and management skills should be a high priority for all engineers.

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