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oemagazine, OE Reports, 1994-2005

oemagazine, the magazine's former Web site, is no longer active. However, most of the feature articles from 2001 to 2005 are archived  and available from SPIE Newsroom.

Please use the search box above to look for specific articles. Or use the link below to scan a list of oemagazine articles available.

oemagazine articles on SPIE Newsroom.

OE Reports was an earlier publication of SPIE. Selected articles from 1994 to 2000 are also available here online. Again, use the search box above for specific articles or the link below to browse. (Note: earlier articles are text-only; no figures are available.)

OE Reports articles on SPIE Newsroom.

The current SPIE member magazine is SPIE Professional, a quarterly publication including technical and feature articles to help optics and photonics professionals succeed in their careers.

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