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SPIE Professional October 2012

SPIE Photonics West

Expanding research for a better world

By Karen Thomas

SPIE Photonics West word mark SPIE Photonics West 2013 will be held 2-7 February in San Francisco, CA (USA) next year with new conferences in biomedical optics as well plenary talks on quantum optomechanics, geothermal sensors, direct-laser writing, and other technologies that have permeated many aspects of modern life.


SPIE member Miles Padgett, professor of optics at University of Glasgow, will be one of the plenary speakers at OPTO and will highlight how optics still contains surprises and opportunities for manipulation, imaging, and communication. His talk is titled “Light in a Twist: Optical Angular Momentum.”

“This twist can be created using lenses or holograms encoded onto liquid crystal displays,” says Padgett, whose research is also highlighted in an SPIE Newsroom video. “I will introduce the underlying properties and discuss a number of manifestations of orbital angular momentum.”

The OPTO plenary session will also include talks by:

  • Richard Soref (University of Massachusetts) “Group IV Photonics for the Mid Infrared”
  • Markus Aspelmeyer (Universität Wien) “Quantum Optomechanics”
Top speakers and researchers

The 2013 MOEMS-MEMS and LASE plenary sessions will also give attendees a view into the latest research in those photonics technology areas.

Aaron Knobloch, senior scientist and project leader at GE Global Research, has been working to develop sensors for the oil and gas industries and for other harsh-environment applications such as geothermal well monitoring. Accurate sensors are in demand; the Geothermal Energy Association predicts that geothermal-energy-generating capacity in the United States could double over the next five years.

Knobloch will discuss his work in a MOEMs-MEMS plenary talk, “Optical MEMS Pressure Sensors for Geothermal Well Monitoring.”

“MEMS technology has been employed for many years for extremely accurate pressure measurements through electronic readout means,” Knobloch says. “By substituting optical readout of a sensor at the end of a fiber optical cable, it is possible to employ these highly accurate sensors within the harsh environment of geothermal wells.”

In the LASE symposium, plenary speakers include Martin Wegener of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology who will introduce the latest advances in direct-laser writing.

“Three-dimensional direct- laser writing has become a commercially available workhorse and can be seen as the 3D counterpart of planar electron-beam lithography,” Wegener says.

His LASE plenary talk is titled, “Three-dimensional metamaterials made by direct-laser writing.”

In addition to Wegener, the LASE plenary speakers include:

  • Geert Verhaeghe (Faurecia Autositze GmbH) “Remote Laser Welding for Automotive Seat Production”
  • Wim Leemans (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Along with Knobloch, MOEMS-MEMS plenary speakers include:

  • Kaili Jiang (Tsinghua University) “Super-Aligned Carbon Nanotubes: A Road Toward Real Applications”
  • Bozena Kaminska (Simon Fraser University) “Towards Future Systems with Nano-Optics Contributions”

Attend Green PhotonicsThe Green Photonics virtual symposium will highlight the latest photonics and optoelectronic tools and materials that will reduce power consumption, enable cleaner manufacturing, and create new energy generation for a broad range of applications.

Papers from all areas of Photonics West that feature technologies that impact energy sources, energy efficiencies, sustainability, conservation, and other “green” focused components will be eligible for Green Photonics Best Paper awards.

This interdisciplinary symposium will cover solid-state lighting and displays; laser-assisted manufacturing; micro/nano-fabrication; communication technologies; renewable energy generation; fusion; and photovoltaics. Symposium chair is SPIE Fellow Steve Eglash (Stanford University). See his article on sustainable energy in SPIE Professional.

Attend BiOSBiOS, the world’s largest international biomedical optics symposium, will feature new conferences, including:

  • Terahertz and Ultrashort Electromagnetic Pulses for Biomedical Applications
  • Optogenetics and Hybrid-Optical Control of Cells
  • Optical Methods in Developmental Biology
  • Bioinspired, Biointegrated, Bioengineered Photonic Devices

BiOS provides a premier technical forum for reporting and learning about the latest research and development as well as for launching new applications and technologies.

Chairs for BiOS are SPIE Fellows James Fujimoto of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and R. Rox Anderson, director of the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital. Fujimoto was recently elected to the SPIE Board of Directors. Anderson will receive the 2012 SPIE Director’s Award at Photonics West for his many years of exceptional guidance and oversight of SPIE’s biomedical events. Over the 12 years Fujimoto and Anderson have served as BiOS symposium chairs, this event has more than doubled in size.

Attend LASEContinuing a 23-year tradition of presenting the latest results in lasers and applications in science and engineering, the LASE 2013 conferences will address advances in laser device research and laser materials. Applications for device and system engineering range from emerging nanotechnologies, microelectronic and photonic manufacturing, freespace communications, to uses on the industrial manufacturing floor.

Symposium chairs for LASE are SPIE members Andreas Tünnermann of Fraunhofer-IOF (Germany) and Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena (Germany), and Bo Gu, a consultant who has worked in both China and the United States. SPIE Fellow Alberto Piqué of the U.S. Naval Research Lab and SPIE member Friedhelm Dorsch, head of process sensor systems at TRUMPF (Germany), will serve as co-chairs.

Attend OPTOOPTO addresses the latest developments and advances in a broad range of optoelectronic devices, technologies, and their integration for industrial applications.

Topics for 2013 include optoelectronic materials and devices, semiconductor lasers and LEDs, solid-state lighting, photonic integration, displays and holography, nanotechnologies in photonics, photonics packaging, and optical communications.

SPIE Fellow David L. Andrews, University of East Anglia Norwich (UK) will be symposium chair. Co-chairs are SPIE member Klaus P. Streubel of OSRAM (Germany) and SPIE Fellow Alexei L. Glebov of OptiGrate Corp. (USA).

Attend MOEMS-MEMSPresentations at the MOEMS-MEMS symposium will cover new developments of MOEMS and MEMS technologies at both basic research and commercialization stages.

Topics include adaptive optics, microfluidics, BioMEMS and medical microsystems, advanced micro- and nano-fabrication technologies for optics and photonics, MOEMS displays and imaging, and miniaturized microsystems and their applications.

A special session on dip-pen lithography (DPN) will target recent advances in this field. Precision, rapid, and flexible nanoscale deposition and removal of material is a fundamental requirement for nanoscience research, development, and commercial implementation. DPN is a leading technique for achieving these goals. Application fields range from semiconductor photomask repair to pharmaceutical discovery to micro- and nano-arrays for advanced proteomic R&D.

SPIE member Harald Schenk of the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems (Germany) is symposium chair, and David Dickensheets of Montana State University (USA) will be co-chair.

Innovators vie for Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation

Prism Awards for Photonics InnovationIntroduced in 2008, the Prism Awards recognize the most innovative technology within the multibillion-dollar optics and photonics industry.

This international competition recognizes cutting-edge products that break conventional ideas, solve problems, and improve life through photonics.

Awards will be made 6 February at SPIE Photonics West for innovative products, processes, devices, systems, instruments, and technologies that are newly available on the open market.

The categories are:

  • Defense and Security
  • Detectors, Sensing, Imaging, and Cameras
  • Green Photonics/Sustainable Energy
  • Life Sciences and Biophotonics
  • Information and Communication
  • Industrial Lasers
  • Scientific Lasers
  • LEDs and Other Light Sources
  • Manufacturing
  • Optics and Optical Components
  • Test, Measurement, Metrology

Finalists in each category will be announced by SPIE and Photonics Media in November.

For more information: prismawards.org

"Show Daily" publication in San Francisco

New at SPIE Photonics West 2013 will be a “show daily” publication, produced by optics.org in conjunction with SPIE.

This free publication will be distributed to exhibition attendees 5-7 February. Content will highlight the day’s schedule of events as well as reports of the previous day’s developments at the symposium.

Other articles will spotlight industry trends and important new research reported at the conferences.

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DOI: 10.1117/2.4201210.23

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