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SPIE Professional October 2008 Archives

The October 2008 issue of SPIE Professional includes articles about optics entrepreneurs, the future of lithography, SPIE Award recipients and more. Our photonics industry experts and authors include:

  • Jose Salcedo of Multiwave Photonics
  • Bill Arnold of ASML
  • Wen-yi Lin and colleagues at AU Optronics
  • Chris Mack, the Litho Guru
  • Clarence Mayott of NIST
  • Kristen Carlson Maitland of Texas A&M University

Inside October 2008 Issue

ASML's chief scientist Bill Arnold is optimistic that future semiconductor manufacturing will be "litho friendly." (Open access article)

Optics and Photonics News

Multiwave Photonics overcame challenges in a region where the vocabulary has not typically included entrepreneurship.
The "Litho Guru" takes a dim view of lithography's future.
Photoresist sensitivity studies for EUV lithography have implications for semi manufacturing.

Performing 3-D reconstruction techniques on cadavers is an innovative approach to autopsy.

The Photonics Academy in Wales plants seeds for the next crop of optics and photonics professionals.

Finding good job candidates a prime concern.

Applying to grad school means finding a compatible adviser.

CREOL student wins annual award.

Academia and industry work together to train future engineers.
Report from the 2008 meeting.

The 2009 Officers and Board of Directors

The interdisciplinary approach in optics creates fruitful ground for innovation.

SPIE Events

Preview of SPIE Photonics West, 24-29 January.
SPIE Lithography Asia-Taiwan is 4-6 November.
Preview of SPIE Photonics Innovation Summit.
APOC symposium considers an industry renaissance.
View other upcoming events.

Web Only Bonus Content, Links

The Department of Defense wants to fund environmental research and development in the munitions management focus area.
More than 130 entries have been received for the first annual Prism Awards for Photonics Innovations.
A photonics tech lab in Thailand reaches out with SPIE grant.
A new survey finds that Americans see entrepreneurship as the answer to the country's financial crisis.
Readers write to the editor about photoresist research and grad school.
Manufacture of LCD displays has challenges to overcome to increase production and reduce price.

Remote sensing is used to study forest fires, pest damage, and other natural events.

Listen to the Free Member Webcast on Project Management.
SPIE members create new optical societies in Hong Kong and Poland.


SPIE forums advance the "greening" of the planet. 
SPIE supports clusters.
SPIE members making news, with updated content not included in the October 2008 print publication.
SPIE hosted many events for optics students and early career professionals at SPIE Optics+Photonics.
Nine more get SPIE Education and Outreach Grants.
Read about the the successful career steps taken by SPIE members in expanded online profiles.

Bill Goodman took up the challenge when a manager told him he would never be able to complete a Ph.D. program.

SPIE mourns the passing of friends of the Society

SPIE Professional: ISSN 1994-4403

October 2008

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