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SPIE Professional October 2007

Archives of the October 2007 issue, SPIE Professional.

Features include

  • Cover story by Gary Conley of SolFocus Inc.
  • Industry news about a holographic drive, optics in China, and bioluminescence in biomedical research
  • Career advice on productivity and patent applications
  • SPIE member news and events

October 2007 Contents

Cover Story

SolFocus Inc. cofounder Gary Conley combines constant learning, hard work, and collaboration in pursuit of a superior energy alternative. SPIE Newsroom version.


After decades of development, a holographic drive finally hits the market.
Bioluminescence provides a means to improve both biomedical research and environmental and food safety.
The Optics Valley of China has a long history of optics development, but recent activity has established the region as a photonics leader.


There are many options available during the early years of your career -- learn about some of the possibilities and how to take advantage of them.
Grants will pay for trips to SPIE events

President's Letter

We need to encourage young people to see science as a future career in order to better serve society.


upcoming SPIE events

Web Extra

Dr. Marc Himel answers questions from a SPIE Student Chapter leader on workplace trust as part of our Leadership Series.


That's right, there are circumstances when filing a patent isn't the best course of action. Knowing when not to patent is vital to your business.
The idea of managing time might be a myth, but there are steps you can take to become more organized and less frazzled.


Through the SPIE Global Strategy Initiative, the Society is making changes that will benefit researchers and institutions around the world.
Leaders give yearly report to membership in San Diego
Bar-Cohen, Yoder are latest winners
Award-winning author and researcher studied optical logic, interferometry.
Johnson, Fournier, Wolinski, and others receive honors; Congressional Fellowship named for Guenther


Harding will lead SPIE in 2008




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