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SPIE Professional October 2006

Provided here are the archived articles from SPIE Professional October 2006.

October 2006 Contents

Cover Story

Robert E. Fischer shares his experience growing an optics business beyond its early years.


Using optics and photonics sustainably, organizations improve the daily lives of people in developing countries.
Crystalline silicon, once the undisputed leader of the photovoltaic market, is now facing competition from new thin-film technologies.
A new UK report puts a focus on strengthening the country's photonics industry.


SPIE acquisitions editor Timothy Lamkins provides an inside look at scientific book publishing.




Read on for a handful of ways to improve your chances of raising venture capital funding.
SPIE Past President James A. Harrington shares his experience as a recent Jefferson Science Fellow.


The recent meeting highlighted the Society's global outreach, philanthropic activities, and stable finances.
SPIE marks both the end of a series and the contributions of its 22-year series editor.
SPIE builds up its services for early career professionals.


Student chapters set an example for effective---and fun---community outreach.

President's Letter

One of the most valuable ways to get involved with SPIE is to volunteer.
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