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SPIE Professional July 2010

Investment in the future

SPIE awards 135 scholarships for 2010

SPIE will be awarding more than $300,000 (U.S.) in scholarships this year to 135 outstanding students who have the potential to make important contributions to optics and photonics or a related discipline.

The scholarship grants, to be distributed for the 2010-2011 academic year, bring to more than $3 million the total amount SPIE has distributed for individual scholarships over the years. The SPIE Scholarship Program reflects the Society’s commitment to education and to the next generation of optical scientists and engineers around the world. Individual awards range from $2,000 to $11,000.

Top Scholarships

Babak ShadganBabak Shadgan, a medical doctor and PhD candidate in experimental medicine at the University of British Columbia (Canada) was awarded the SPIE D.J. Lovell Scholarship. It is the Society’s most prestigious scholarship and is sponsored by SPIE with contributions from Labsphere, Inc., a Halma company. Shadgan is developing a non-invasive diagnostic technique using near infrared spectroscopy to help evaluate, diagnose, and treat bladder muscle dysfunction.

Amirhossein TehranchiAmirhossein Tehranchi, a member of the SPIE Student Chapter at Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal (Canada), is this year’s winner of the John Kiel Scholarship. This is the Society’s second largest scholarship and is sponsored by SPIE. Tehranchi’s PhD studies at the Poly-Grames Research Center have involved developing photonic devices.

Ilkem Ozge OzelIlkem Ozge Ozel is the winner of the Laser Technology, Engineering, and Applications Scholarship. Her research at Bilkent University (Turkey) has focused on the investigation of fluorescence energy transfer mechanisms of polymer nanoparticles and the use of fluorescent polymers in optoelectronic devices. Funds are provided for this scholarship in part by a gift from the former Forum for Military Applications of Directed Energy, and in part by SPIE.

Dewen ChengDewen Cheng, a candidate for a joint PhD at Beijing Institute of Technology (China) and University of Arizona (USA), was awarded the Optical Design and Engineering Scholarship. The scholarship was established in memory of Bill Price and Warren Smith, both well-respected members of SPIE’s technical community. Cheng received the Michael Kidger Memorial Scholarship in 2009 and is researching free-form imaging systems.

Wayne Lytle, BACUS Photomask Scholarship winnerBACUS Photomask Scholarships have been awarded to two U.S. students this year: Wayne Lytle of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Jacob Zeuske, University of Wisconsin-Madison. The scholarships are for full-time undergraduate or graduate students in the field of microlithography with an emphasis on optical tooling and/or semiconductor manufacturing technologies.

Jacob Zeuske, BACUS Photomask scholarship winnerLytle is working to develop a contact-less cleaning technology for lithographic masks and a method of decreasing non-uniformities in film coatings as part of his PhD studies.

Zeuske is conducting research on EUV lithography and manages the Thin Films Laboratory at Wisconsin’s Computational Mechanics Center. This scholarship is sponsored by BACUS, SPIE’s Photomask International Technical Group.

Braulio Fonseca Carneiro Albuquerque of Brazil is receiving this year’s Michael Kidger Memorial Scholarship in Optical Design. Albuquerque works at the National Institute for Space Research in Sao Paulo, where he completed a master’s degree in Engineering and Space Technology in 2005 and is working on his PhD. Albuquerque is a visiting scholar at the University of Arizona. The scholarship will support his study of glass selection for the design of optics for remote sensors.

For more information on SPIE’s scholarship program, a complete list of 2010 scholarship winners, and the criteria used by the SPIE Scholarship Committee in selecting recipients, visit spie.org/scholarships.

Optics and photonics students can learn about scholarships, networking, and other funding opportunities on the SPIE Students’ Facebook page.


The application deadline for SPIE scholarships for the 2011-12 academic year is 15 January, 2011. The application form will be available online in August.

Have a question or comment about this article? Write to us at spieprofessional@spie.org.

DOI: 10.1117/2.4201007.15

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