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------ SPIE Professional: July 2009 Archives

SPIE Professional's July 2009 issue contains all articles from the print issue, plus Web-only bonus content, and an open-access article on the giant laser system at NIF.

Other articles from this issue:

  • Agri-Photonics: Agriculture and food safety improve with photonics technologies
  • Noble Peak Vision Corp. entrepreneurs started their business in an economic downturn
  • Data centers go green 
  • Photonics for a Better World 
  • Robert Lieberman and his LED Incapacitator
  • SPIE Annual Awards
  • New online courses at SPIE 
  • International Year of Astronomy

SPIE Advancing the Laser Tribute

SPIE celebrates past breakthroughs, current laser applications, and future possibilities for coherent light.
The National Ignition Facility, with 192 laser beams, is the world's largest and highest-energy pulsed laser system. Open access article.

-----Optics and Photonics Events-----

Connect with SPIE Optics+Photonics 2009 through daily, onsite reports.

Advances in solar applications and astronomy will draw thousands to annual event in San Diego.
Two events in Berlin will cover optical technology topics in remote sensing and security. (Bonus content)

See other upcoming conferences, symposia, and exhibitions around the world.

SPIE Supports Optics Education

More than 100 students from top optical science schools win $292,000 in awards from SPIE.

SPIE is launching a new series of continuing education courses online for optics professionals.
Retired Lockheed Martin CEO Norman Augustine says an engineer's education should include ethics, politics, biology, and communication.
SPIE supports a student-organized Photonics ToolkiT in Québec and the new European Institute of Innovation & Technology.
Organizers of a laser workshop in South Africa hope its success will further the development of photonics in Africa. (Open access from SPIE Newsroom)
The Optics and Photonics Society of Singapore will support academia and industry while helping to nurture Singapore's reputation as business-friendly.

Focus on SPIE Membership

NASA's Richard Hoover, who makes small things a big deal, wins the 2009 SPIE Gold Medal.
Grant recipients focus on giving back to the optics community.
Robert E. Hopkins, former director of the University of Rochester's Institute of Optics, was known to many as the "Father of Optical Engineering."
News briefs about SPIE member honors and achievements. (With bonus, Web-only content)

International Year of Astronomy

SPIE supports the International Year of Astronomy with events and a poster in the print issue of the magazine. (With bonus, Web-only content.)

SPIE Professional: ISSN 1994-4403

SPIE Advances Interdisciplinary Research in Optics

Photonics technologies are helping farmers, food processors, and famine-plagued areas of the world.

Researchers at two Fraunhofer Institutes have developed a new system based on metal oxide sensors that can check the safety and quality of food.

Optics and Photonics R&D

The Business of Optics

Entrepreneuring engineers find that bad economic times can be a good time to start a company.
Rochester entrepreneur Robert Saltzman sees growth, success in automation. (With bonus, Web-only content)
Robert Lieberman finds there's nothing like dazzling publicity to move his LED device to market.

Matthew McMahon brings expertise in health care to his term as the Arthur H. Guenther Congressional Fellow for 2009-2010. (Bonus, Web-only content)

Power-hungry data centers have some optically clear and innovative choices for optimizing energy efficiency.

Technology transfer officers are divided over the merits of imposing standards on TTO professionals. (Web-only link)

Photonics for a Better World

Lasers and other optical technologies have brought tangible social, environmental, health, and economic gains to humanity. (With bonus, Web-only content)

SPIE, the International Optics and Photonics Society

Election results for SPIE 2010 officers and directors announced. (Bonus content, updated 5 August, 2009)

SPIE President María Yzuel writes about the value of SPIE membership and viewing SPIE as your professional home. (With bonus, Web-only content)

Former MIT President Charles Vest and SPIE members Richard Hoover, Fenna Hanes, James Grote, Marc Kuchner, Chris Mack, Rajpal Sirohi, and Roland Winston are among the 2009 honorees for their service to optical science.

The deadline to nominate a colleague for an SPIE annual award for 2010 is 1 October, 2009.
Photonics for Energy and the Environment will focus on alternate energy.

Extend your professional network. Join the discussion about the latest trends in optics technologies and learn about job openings in the SPIE group on LinkedIn.

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