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SPIE Professional July 2012

SPIE Salutes Optical Society of Japan on 60th Anniversary

The OSJ has helped advance the world's knowledge of optics and photonics

Leaders of SPIE are congratulating the Optical Society of Japan (OSJ), an affiliate of the Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP), on its 60th anniversary this year, noting the important role OSJ has played in enabling, encouraging, and inspiring photonics innovation and research around the world.

“Throughout its history, the Optical Society of Japan has provided the valuable forums for information exchange, publications, and networking that have enabled and encouraged the important advances made by Japanese scientists and engineers in optics and photonics,” says SPIE President Eustace Dereniak.

  SPIE 2011 President Katarina Svanberg and JSAP President Yasuhiro Shiraki in 2011.

“Their work has helped improve life everywhere and advance the world’s knowledge across the full range of topics in our field?— nano-imaging, biosensing, communications systems and architecture, displays, and much more.”

The shared objectives of promoting research and international collaboration have led to the development of a highly beneficial collaborative relationship between OSJ and SPIE, Dereniak noted.

“The first technical conference SPIE held outside the United States was in Tokyo in the 1960s, and many on the organizing committee were Japanese members of SPIE. Since that first event, SPIE has continued to be honored to participate or partner in many other meetings in Japan,” he said.

Dereniak will participate in the OSJ annual meeting in October where he looks forward to offering his congratulations in person to the leadership of the OSJ. 

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DOI: 10.1117/2.4201207.16

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