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SPIE Professional July 2008

Wales Hosts Security Conference

SPIE Europe Security + DefenceSPIE Europe Security+Defence brings together more than 400 top researchers and leaders from industry, academia, and the military to discuss the latest sensing, imaging, and display technologies and address challenges in the ever-evolving security and defence industry.

Co-located with the SPIE Europe Remote Sensing at the University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UK) 15-18 September, the event is keenly focused on European research and development on topics ranging from biological and chemical sensing to unmanned/unattended sensors to optical materials and infrared systems.

"This event crosses the divide between fundamental optical science and the application of the underpinning technologies in advanced defence and security systems," says symposium chair David H. Titterton, of the Defence Science and Technology Lab (UK).

Holding the two events in one place provides attendees the opportunity to network with other researchers, manufacturers, and managers from two fast-growing and important disciplines. Registrants of either symposium have access to the oral and poster presentations, exhibition, and plenary talks from both.

SPIE Europe Security+Defence features eight conferences, including Technologies for Optical Countermeasures V, Optically Based Biological and Chemical Detection for Defence IV, Millimetre Wave and Terahertz Sensors and Technology, and Unmanned/Unattended Sensors and Sensor Networks V.

Wales First Minister and Assembly Member Rhodri Morgan will open the conferences with a talk on the thriving optoelectronics sector in Wales, which has a large private- and public-sector optics and photonics community.

The exhibition, held 16-17 September, will feature products from detectors and sensors to lasers and imaging equipment for the security and defence community.

More information: http://SPIEeurope.org/esd.

SPIE Europe Security + Defence
Plenary Talks

15 September

  • "Science on the Front Line and on the Home Front," by Frances Saunders, Defence Science and Technology Lab. (UK)
  • "Reconciling the Interests of Industry and Government in Research and Development," by Jim Ironside, General Dynamics UK Ltd. (UK).

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DOI: 10.1117/2.4200807.20

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