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SPIE Professional July 2008

SPIE Professional Surveys Readers 

More than 1,600 members took the SPIE Professional reader survey, and one won an iPod nano.
image of the iPod nano to be given away

The SPIE Professional reader survey was completed at the end of July, with more than 1,600 SPIE members responding. Thank you! 

Douglas Hobbs, president and cofounder of TelAztec LLC in Burlington, MA (USA), won the iPod nano in a random drawing held in August. TelAztec conducts research and development of optical devices employing microstructures for anti-reflection and color filtering.

We are still analyzing the results of the survey but are pleased to report that 54% of readers rated the quarterly magazine as excellent or above average.

Your opinions about SPIE Professional magazine, a membership benefit, are very important to us as we continuously work on program enhancements and the types of content available.

DOI: 10.1117/2.4200807.06

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