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SPIE Professional July 2008

LED Market News

LED Expense Worth It, Survey Says

Consumers are warming to energy-efficient LEDs and are enthusiastic about the prospects of LED lighting in their homes, even if LEDs cost more than common incandescent bulbs, according to a survey commissioned by Arrow Electronics, Inc.

The October 2007 study of 2,722 U.S. adults found that consumers say they would be willing to pay an average of $4.70 per LED-based bulb, with 15 percent saying they would be open to spending $6 or more.

Survey respondents cited cost savings on their electric bills, fewer replacements over time, and environmental benefits as factors that would influence them to pay more for LED lighting.

LED Display System at Beijing Olympics' Basketball Venue
The LED display system installed at the Beijing Olympics' Basketball Gymnasium is the first set of comprehensive displays in China that meet standards of the NBA. More.

Lighting News

For news and technical articles in the SPIE Newsroom about the lighting and display industry, including the latest advances in LEDs, go to http://spie.org/news-illumination

CREE Offers "LED 101"

Cree's LED City Web site offers news and resources about LED lighting and technology, including a primer on LED lighting called "LED 101."

Resources for LED standards

LED Webcasts on SPIE.TV

SPIE members can learn more about LEDs and other solid-state lighting through a member-only Webcast on SPIE.TV. The "Hot Topics in Solid State Lighting" series (http://spie.org/x17151.xml


Tianjin, China is First LED City

Students at Tianjin Polytechnic University joined with the Tianjin Economic Development Area and Cree to illuminate 15 kilometers of streets around the university with LEDs, making Tianjin China's first "LED City."

Twenty graduate students, directed by Professor Pingjuan Niu, an SPIE member, designed, produced, and installed approximately 1,500 LED streetlights as part of the project.

Cree's LED City initiative is a consortium of government and industry partners who evaluate and deploy LED lighting technology across municipal infrastructures in order to save energy, preserve the environment, reduce maintenance costs, and provide better light quality for improved visibility and safety.

Other cities in the program include Austin, TX, Raleigh, NC, Ann Arbor, MI, Toronto, Canada, and Torraca, Italy.

Cree also launched an LED University program earlier this year, working with an international community of universities to promote the adoption of energy-efficient LEDs in offices, dormitories, parking garages, and walkway lighting on campuses.

In addtion to Tianjin Polytech, Marquette, North Carolina State, University of Arkansas, and the University of California at Santa Barbara are participating.

SSLITA Promotes Adoption of LEDs

The Solid State Lighting Industry Trade Association (SSLITA) is an international organization that promotes the adoption of solid state lighting sources for all lighting applications.

Organized by David Huff, vice president for business development and marketing at the Optoelectronics Industry Development Association, SSLITA is a global facilitator for standardization, characterization, technical education, public policy guidance, and overall market understanding of the benefits, capabilities, and applications of solid state lighting.

Write to Huff: huff@oida.org

Have a question or comment about SPIE Professional magazine? Write to us at SPIEprofessional@spie.org 

DOI: 10.1117/2.4200807.42

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