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SPIE Professional July 2006

Provided here are the archived articles from SPIE Professional July 2006.

July 2006 Contents

Cover Story

University of Strathclyde's Brian Culshaw explores the notion of the academic entrepreneur.


The non-profit One Laptop per Child with Nicholas Negroponte at the helm aims to put laptops in the hands of millions of children worldwide.
Solid-state lighting faces challenges, opportunities in industrial applications.
Photonics is a key driver of European innovation, and a new technology platform calls for its acceleration.
Yehoshua Kalisky talks about his new book, which aims to help new engineers better understand solid-state lasers.

President's Letter

SPIE members contribute to this vital European initiative promoting optics- and photonics-based technologies.


Enhance your next scientific presentation with these helpful hints.


SPIE Fellow Duncan Moore is this year's recipient of the Gold Medal of the Society the highest honor given by SPIE.

The Stanford Center on Longevity faces the many social, political, and scientific challenges of an aging population.




Students can cultivate creativity, commercialize a product idea, and learn essential leadership skills through entrepreneurial competitions.


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