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SPIE Professional January 2012

SPIE, SCHOTT launch lecture program for student chapters

A new SPIE-SCHOTT lecture program is bringing valuable work-world insights as well as field-proven technical knowledge to SPIE Student Chapter members. The series launched in October at the University of Rochester with a lecture on optical glass by Michelle deCastro, a sales manager and former applications developer at SCHOTT North America Advanced Optics Division.

"The public lecture was informational, and the discussion that followed over lunch was great," said Chapter member Daniel Christensen after deCastro's talk. "Having someone from SCHOTT give us her perspective was a valuable resource for real-world advice."

"We are very pleased to be a part of this lecture program as a way to express SCHOTT's motto, 'Your Partner for Excellence in Optics'," said Marita Paasch, vice president of SCHOTT Advanced Optics. "With our contribution to the SPIE Student Chapters, we are engaging with future potential employees, customers, or partners and sharing the expertise and excellence in optics we have accumulated over the last 125 years. We are constantly expanding our portfolio to reflect current market developments and the needs of our customers. This requires exchange and close communication with our partners, and the cooperation with the SPIE Student Chapters is a perfect opportunity benefiting both parties."

"We are delighted that SCHOTT has taken the visionary step of sponsoring these lectures," said SPIE Executive Director Eugene Arthurs. "The inspiration that working professionals provide to students is invaluable. Even beyond sharing their insights and serving as mentors and role models, the lecturers create a pathway of communication between industry and academia that informs the direction of each. We commend SCHOTT for this demonstration of their dedication to helping to ensure a well-qualified workforce for the future."

SPIE is working with its Student Chapters to match speakers with opportunities. This year's series will be offered to chapters on the U.S. East Coast.

Schott logoSCHOTT is a multinational technology-based company developing and manufacturing special glass, specialty materials, components and systems for more than 125 years.


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DOI: 10.1117/2.4201201.26

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