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January 2012 SPIE Professional Archive

The January 2012 issue of SPIE Professional has articles on XFEL facilities, retinal imaging, and the SPIE optics and photonics salary survey as well as highlights from the scientific literature and previews of SPIE Photonics West 2012, SPIE Advanced Lithography, and other SPIE events.

---------------------- January ----------

Hard X-ray free-electron lasers operating or being developed in Japan, Europe, and the USA have distinct characteristics.
The SPIE global salary report provides a new data source for the optics and photonics community.

---- Photonics for a Better World -----

Photonic polymer fibers proposed for communication systems after 2011 disaster. Bonus content.

As cheap sterilizers for the developing world, ionized plasmas can kill bacteria for as long as a week after treatment.
Court-ordered tattoo-removal treatment helps offenders return to the community.
A physician finds a non-invasive treatment to a disabling condition with NIRS.
Physicist uses optics to target the common mosquito and fight malaria.

Join the blog conversation on how photonics is making a better world.

MIM Software puts handheld devices into the world of medical instruments.
Crisis response services using Earth observation techniques now available online.

Read more articles from SPIE Professional about how photonics is making a better world.

Optics Research Highlights

Molecular events below the skin can now be seen in their true color.
A pilot, ex vivo study uses a/LCI as a non-invasive way to detect pre-cancerous colon cells.
A new generation of space telescopes and observatories are making exciting discoveries.
3D imagery has real-world applications in medical imaging, aerial mapping, and molecular modeling.
An overview of optics from ancient times.
Rapid fabrication of metallic nanoparticles is desirable for a host of optical applications.

---- Optics Education and Careers -----

A new study shows non-compete agreements can carry a high cost for technology employees.
The International Commission for Optics focuses its efforts on the developing world.
In 2012, SPIE expands its popular Student Chapter Leadership Workshop to Europe.
Retaining physics students at the undergraduate level requires a new approach.

SPIE Professional: ISSN 1994-4403

----- 2012 ----------------------------------

Technology engineer and entrepreneur Douglas Anderson was on a mission to save retinas and lives.

The first SPIE Britton Chance Biomedical Optics Award recognizes pioneering work in biomedical optics and ultrafast laser spectroscopy.

The new SPIE Women in Optics planner covers 18 months.

Optics and Photonics Industry

The International Union of Pure and Applied Physics endorsed the International Year of Light project.
Optics industry representatives will explore the market for a technique for collecting high-resolution fluorescence images.

------- SPIE Member News ----------

Unfilled positions in the photonics industry plague some regions, but there is an employee surplus elsewhere.
A new SPIE-SCHOTT lecture program is bringing valuable work-world insights as well as field-proven technical knowledge to SPIE Student Chapter members.
The Council discussed the key role that scientific societies play in communicating the importance of science to legislators and the public.
Ocean Optics awards Phase I Blue Ocean grants and development grants.
European technology platform Photonics21 calls for applications for a photonics award to recognize industrial impact.
Several SPIE members are honored with the 2011 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.

Join the SPIE group on LinkedInJoin nearly 8000 other optics and photonics professionals in the SPIE group on LinkedIn.

Learn about optics and photonics funding opportunities. Web-only bonus content.

SPIE-Sponsored Events in 2012

BiOS program feeds SPIE Photonics West growth trend in San Francisco.

The unclassified event is in a new location, 23-27 April 2012, in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

Advanced Lithography will take place 12-16 February 2012 at the San Jose Convention Center.
SS/NDE highlights animal (and human) solutions to design challenges
Photonics Europe will take place 16-19 April in Brussels.

See the full schedule of upcoming SPIE conferences and exhibitions.

Nano-optics and plasmonics will be highlighted 6-17 February in Italy.
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