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SPIE Professional January 2010

SPIE eBooks Available

SPIE Press field guides, handbooks, monographs, and tutorial texts on a wide range of fundamental and cutting-edge topics in optical science and technology are now available in the SPIE Digital Library as eBooks.

SPIE eBooks, which will include approximately 140 titles by year's end, are fully integrated into the SPIE Digital Library, enabling researchers and students to cross-search and access journals, proceedings, and books on a single site.

"Electronic access provides researchers with the ability to easily search the literature for new ideas and information," said Harry Levinson, chair of the SPIE Publications Committee.

"We are pleased with the launch of this new capability enabling researchers and students around the world to access and use SPIE Press books electronically," said Eric Pepper, director of publications at SPIE.

SPIE eBooks is an optional component of the SPIE Digital Library for institutional subscribers. Also, as with all technical articles in the SPIE Digital Library, eBook chapters are also available for individual purchase.

More information: spie.org/ebooks.

Have a question or comment about this article? Write to us at spieprofessional@spie.org.

DOI: 10.1117/2.4201001.15

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