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------ SPIE Professional: January 2009 Archives

SPIE Professional's January 2009 issue contains all the articles from the print issue, plus Web-only bonus content and an open-access article on the solar energy industry in Europe. Some of the more popular articles:

  • Entrepreneurial Profile by Jan Melles
  • Excerpt from Jeff Hecht's Laser Piioneers
  • Brief profiles of SPIE's new officers
  • Lab Building 101 by Jennifer Barton
  • Concerns about ITAR
  • Weightless Wonders
  • Bioimaging Breakthroughs

Inside SPIE Professional: January 2009

Germany has built an impressive market and industry base in photovoltaics. Now other European countries are following its lead. (Open access article)

Optics and Photonics News

Harnessing energy from sunlight to address the energy crisis demands the best innovators to invest in solar research.
In the first of a series of articles celebrating the laser, we excerpt from Laser Pioneers by Jeff Hecht.
More about María Yzuel, Ralph James, Katarina Svanberg, and Brian Lula.
SPIE’s newly elected president María J. Yzuel is optimistic about continued R&D in renewable energy.
SPIE names its first Senior Members
Jan Melles says people and people skills are essential for entrepreneurial success.
Companies and educational institutions must be sensitive to possible uses for their photonics devices, technologies, and research projects.
An expanded market for medical imaging is helping to make MRIs and x-rays more accessible.
A university professor shares her tips for recruiting that first graduate student for your lab.
A joke in the lab turns into a zero-gravity experiment for four NJ students.
Best student paper awards, new SPIE Student Chapters, and more. 
Results point to raising awareness of free technical content on SPIE Newsroom Web site.

Previews of SPIE Events

The essential photonics event of the year opens 24 January.
One of the eight “Hot Topics” presentations at BiOS, part of SPIE Photonics West 2009, will explore a biodegradable, non-toxic optical sensor made of silk.
Lithography experts will address the many issues facing this changing industry.
View other upcoming events.

SPIE Professional Advertisers

Exhibiting at SPIE Photonics West, Booth Number 615, 27-29 January 2009 
Exhibiting at SPIE Photonics West, Booth Number 345, 27-29 January 2009
Exhibiting at SPIE Photonics West Booth 6136, 27-29 January 2009

Exhibiting at Booth 6319 at SPIE Photonics West, 27-29 January, 2009


SPIE Professional: ISSN 1994-4403

SPIE Professional: Web Only

Web Only: Bonus and Expanded Articles from SPIE Professional

A new journal covering emerging and evolving fields in optics will be open access and edited by Bill Rhodes.
The 2009 Women in Optics Monthly Planner is now available.
Eighteen young optics researchers are receiving travel grants to present research at SPIE Photonics West.
A materials scientist perseveres when the market drops. (Full version of profile)

The Economist magazine, a National Research Council report, and witnesses at a Congressional hearing describe the need to change U.S. regulations governing arms exports.

Readers share their comments on articles about photoresist research and grad school.
Updated news items about SPIE member honors and awards

Web Only: News from SPIE Photonics West, January 2009

A panel of experts at SPIE Photonics West was generally upbeat about the future of photonics, despite the global downturn.
SPIE and Laurin Publishing named 10 winners of the Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation at SPIE Photonics West.
Daily reports from SPIE Photonics West 2009: Summaries and photos from technical, plenary, panel, and award sessions.
Several optics and photonics students win awards at SPIE Photonics West for best papers.
Industry experts at SPIE Photonics West discuss the challenges of silicon photonics in computing. Report from EE Times Asia.

Web Only: SPIE Updates

SPIE elects 59 members as Fellows of the Society.
List of the SPIE Members who develop strategic policy for the Society and make SPIE a powerful force in the scientific community.

Web Only: News Links

The International Commission for Optics is accepting nominations until 15 April for the Galileo Galilei Award and the ICO Prize.
A Nerac analyst reviews patent activity in biometric technologies for the SPIE Newsroom. 
Tests by Orb Optronix show that some SSL products exceed hazard limits. (Link is to press release in PDF format)
New residential water heaters, including those using solar thermal energy, can earn ENERGY STAR rating.

Nerac has a free white paper on strategies for sharing in the $86 billion medical devices market and complying with the European Union's revised Medical Device Directive.

DOE releases OpenStudio plugin for EnergyPlus simulation software
The Arizona Daily Star reports on revitalization plans for the Tucson Optics Valley.

The New Mexico Business Weekly says Albuquerque's Optics Ladder, a partnership between industry, higher education, and public schools, has earned a reputation for quality training in optics and photonics.

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