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SPIE Professional January 2008 Archives

January 2008 Archive Issue of SPIE Professional

  • Metamaterials
  • Photonics Innovation in Finland
  • SPIE Photonics West 2008
  • Sisters' Hard Work Pays Off
  • Building Community Partnerships
  • Robotic Vehicles

Contents of January 2008 Issue

Industry Articles

Manipulating radiation with metamaterials is possible at ever-higher frequencies.
Old-fashioned hard work pays off for Cheryl Koschara and Linda Wright of C.K. Coatings.
A land of aurora borealis and midnight sun, Finland has a mystique that makes innovation in light and its applications a natural fit.


President's Letter

SPIE President Kevin Harding sees the promise of the Society's increased international growth, collaboration, and inclusion in the coming year.

Membership Articles

Kevin Harding talks about SPIE's evolving role in optics and his goals as President for 2008.
Twenty-seven new student chapters were registered in 2007.
SPIE and the industry mourn the death of ZYGO co-founder Paul Forman.

Wyant, Willson, Hornbeck, James, Soileau, and Kwiatkowski receive honors.

Developing Countries Get Free or Low Cost Access
SPIE governance and management

Career Articles, Web Extras

SPIE Professional invites you to participate in a series of brief career profiles that highlight the many steps that lead to career success in optics and photonics.
Read about the career steps taken by Sen Han, Michael Postek, Jannick Rolland, Wolfgang Staud, and Yidong Zhou
An SPIE member whose dog ate his copy of SPIE Professional magazine inquires about getting a replacement copy.
When businesses and schools partner to teach kids a love of science and learning, the whole community benefits.
Justin Mansell discusses how his involvement in SPIE member activities is an investment for the Society and for himself.
M. Katherine Brown, a coauthor of a book on managing virtual teams, says the key to successfully working in a team that doesn't meet face-to-face is communication.

Education Articles

DARPA Urban Challenge showcases sophisticated development of robotic vehicles.
Dr. Akhlesh Lakhtakia's tips for writing a a successful research paper.

SPIE Events

Industry leaders will share views at four symposia: BiOS, LASE, MOEMS-MEMS, and OPTO.
Research-to-industry model is center stage 7-11 April.
Orlando plays host 16-20 March


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