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SPIE Professional Career Steps and Profiles Series

SPIE Professional career profiles highlight the varied steps that lead to career success in optics and photonics. To share your career progression and knowledge with others in the Career Stepping Stones series, e-mail us at spieprofessional@spie.org. Tell us:

  • What was the most difficult step you've taken in your career?
  • What was the easiest?
  • Who or what had the most influence on your career success in optics and photonics?

Career Stepping Stones

Share the steps along your career path with other SPIE members in SPIE Professional magazine's Career Stepping Stones Profiles.

Download the brief career questions in PDF format. Return in whatever format is convenient to: spieprofessional@spie.org

SPIE Professional Magazine
PO Box 10
Bellingham WA 98227

Fax to Attention of SPIE Professional Magazine: 360-647-1445

Career Stepping StonesQuestions:

  • Who (or What) Has Had the Most Impact or Influence on Your Career Success?
  • What Was Your Most Successful Career Step Since Your Initial Training and Education?
  • What Was Your Most Difficult Career Step or Decision?
  • What Was the Easiest Step in Your Career?
  • What Steps Do You Take to Keep on Top of Developments in the Field and the Competition?
  • What Steps Do You Recommend Before Taking a Career Risk?
  • What Was Your Most Recent Career Step?
  • What Innovations Currently Occurring at Your Organization or in Your Field Are Likely to Affect You/Your Career Most Directly?
  • What's the Next Step in Your Career?

Optics and Photonics Career Profiles Elsewhere in the News

Gary Colquhoun, director and CEO of Fibre Photonics (UK), discusses the highs and lows of his startup company. (Link is to the heraldscotland.com)

SPIE member Angela Guzman of Florida Atlantic University (USA) describes her career steps in a series of profiles about laser pioneers. (Link is to LaserFest.org)

Heidi Newberg of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute talks to Nature.com about her career and NSF grant. (Link is to Nature.com)

Anant Mathur of Bausch and Lomb talks to ROCnow.com about his career. (Link is to ROCnow.com)

Franck Marchis of the SETI Institute talks to the Huffington Post about his career. (Link is to Huffington Post)

SPIE Professional Career Profiles

Entrepreneur Dean Kamen advocates for creativity, innovation, and the next generation of science and technology innovators.

Determination to prove the naysayers wrong and the courage to take risks have paid off for Ömür Sezerman of OZ Optics.

The founder of Delta Electronics has made a concerted effort to be a "green" entrepreneur.

An international biomedical optics innovator has a "running" idea list.
A manager told Bill Goodman he would never be able to complete a Ph.D. program. Goodman proved him wrong.

The trilingual principal scientist at Veeco and adjunct professor discusses the stepping stones in his career in optical metrology engineering.

The division chief at NIST describes recent and early influences that lead him to become an expert in optical metrology.

This professor of optics discovered her passion for teaching and research in optical imaging when she took the step to move from France to the USA.

The rate of advancements in semiconductor lithography "pulls in" Wolfgang Staud.

Building a professional career is a long-term project, says laser system engineer Yidong Zhou.

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