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SPIE Professional April 2008 Archives

The April 2008 issue of SPIE Professional includes articles on or by:

  • Biomedical entrepreneur David Benaron
  • Brian Lula's astronomical images
  • Science writer Margaret Wertheim
  • The intersection of art and optical engineering
  • Sir John Chisholm on the "Innovation Age"
  • Overview of methods to detect chemical, biological and explosive threats
  • NIST
  • Gold nanoparticles for the detection and treatment of cancer
  • SPIE Senior Member Recognition Program
  • Free paper from the SPIE Digital Library
  • Career Profiles

Inside: April 2008 SPIE Professional

David Benaron of Spectros is a physician, researcher, inventor, innovator, and serial entrepreneur in the biomedical market.

Optic and Photonic Technologies

Brian Lula's success with breathtaking images of space stems from “the love of the sky and the tools to reach for it.”
Sir John Chisholm of QinetiQ discusses where the current Innovation Age will take the human race.
Optics and photonics engineers can learn much about illumination via art—and vice versa.
A variety of classical, new, and emerging identification and detection techniques are being developed for chemical, biological, and explosive threats.

Gold nanoparticles show promise in the detection and treatment of cancer.

NIST’s Gerald Fraser shows how the Optical Technology Division can light up a career.
NIST scientist Wendy Davis works on optical standards for color quality in solid-state lighting and other illumination sources.
Many new products and devices use optical technologies for the energy-conscious gadgetry-inclined.
The new Asian College on Optical Engineering shares learning with high school teachers.

SPIE Professional Articles About SPIE Events, Membership, Education, Outreach

SPIE sponsors and seeks activities to support careers in optics and photonics.
A new “Senior Member” recognition program will honor members with significant contributions to the optics and photonics community.
SPIE has elected 72 new Fellows for 2008.

Active learning curricula developed by Project PHOTON PBL go beyond concepts.

SPIE leaders at the conference of Latin American optics researchers
Students are active participants in SPIE and photonics activities.
Singapore to host meeting of SPIE Student Chapters in Asia.
Sarah Kendrew discusses cross border study and employment.
SPIE Europe Photonics Europe is a must-attend event in Strasbourg, 7-11 April, with an expanded industry programme.
SPIE Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation Symposium, 23-28 June
Elections for the 2009 leadership begin in June. 2010 Nominations due 25 July.

SPIE Professional: ISSN 1994-4403

Web Only Bonus Content + Links

Science writer Margaret Wertheim explains how and why it's important to engage wide audiences.

A link to a San Jose Mercury column that finds signs of optimism for increasing the number of women in tech company CEO jobs.

The SPIE Member E-Newsletter includes access to a free paper from the SPIE Digital Library.

Most founders of high-tech companies start in their 50s and are highly educated, according to a new study.

Summer camps for youth offer classes in optics, electric cars, solar energy, and more.

Link to SPIE Newsroom open-access article about glass artist Sarah Hall who uses photovoltaic cells in her sculpture.

Link to SPIE Newsroom open-access article about Dublin's Science Gallery, which combines the work of artists and engineers.

Optical engineers can help determine if a valuable work of art is the real deal or a fake.
SPIE Professional welcomes letters from readers.

Career Steps and Profile Series

Read about the the successful career steps taken by SPIE members in the expanded profiles below. SPIE member login required to access full text.
A biomedical innovator advances his career with a "running" idea list.

The trilingual principal scientist at Veeco and adjunct professor discusses the stepping stones in his career in optical metrology engineering.

The division chief at NIST describes recent and early influences that lead him to become an expert in optical metrology.

This professor of optics discovered her passion for teaching and research in optical imaging when she took the step to move from France to the USA.

The rate of advancement in semiconductor lithography keeps pulling in Wolfgang Staud.

Building a professional career is a long-term project, says laser system engineer Yidong Zhou.

Leadership Series

Print and Web-only articles from SPIE Professional and SPIE Student Services for students and early career professionals.
Web-only Leadership Series article by Marc Himel discusses the power of unified action.
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