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SPIE Professional April 2006

Provided here are the archived articles from SPIE Professional April 2006.

April 2006 Contents

Cover Story

Colleen Fitzpatrick discovers resourcefulness, perseverance, and intuition are all cornerstones to running a small high-tech business.


Astronomers the world round peek further out into the universe --- and glean more than ever from their search.
Vivek Bakshi, editor of EUV Sources for Lithography, discusses modern advances in extreme ultraviolet lithography.
A young North American organization aims to bridge industry, academia, and government to advance photonics commercialization.
Imaging at terahertz frequencies offers non-ionizing penetration and spectroscopic capabilities that make it appealing for homeland security, medical, and industrial inspection applications.
By merging radio techniques and chip-level fabrication, researchers expect to build 19-element arrays capable of 1 cm resolution.


SMEs can take advantage of an improvement paradigm once thought reserved for the largest of companies.




Use these simple guidelines to create a more effective resume or CV.


Holography pioneer Emmett Leith leaves behind "astonishing pictures" and an astonishing life.
Gregory Olsen, entrepreneur and space traveler, shares his thoughts on encouraging the next generation of scientists.


Use these tips to maximize your job interview.
Robert Rosner talks about professional development and the U.S. national labs.

President's Letter

SPIE President Paul McManamon reports in on Photonics West 2006, and addresses a recent U.S. National Academies report.
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