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2010 April SPIE Professional Archives

SPIE Professional's April 2010 issue contains all articles from the print issue, plus Web-only bonus content, and an open-access article on FEMTOLASERS entrepreneur and educator Ferenc Krausz. Other articles from this issue:

  • Advancing the Laser Tribute
  • Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation
  • SPIE Fellows
  • Photonics for a Better World
  • Innovation Scouting
  • SPIE Events: Photonics Europe and Defense, Security, and Sensing
  • Lasers As Weapons 
  • Marketing at Optics Trade Shows 
  • Optics Internships
  • Smiley, the remote-control radio telescope

---Photonics and a Better World---

Optics and photonics experts from RIT, GE, Siemens, Ghent University, MIT, and elsewhere are making the world better for earthquake victims, surgeons, patients, and for the future of humanity. Web extra.

Read more articles from SPIE Professional about how photonics is making a better world.

---Optics and Photonics in Industry---

The hard work of being a trade-show exhibitor is getting the best prospects to visit your booth.
Optics and photonics firms use scouts more often than most.

Judges for the Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation honor 10 for excellence.

---------Upcoming SPIE Events---------

The annual SPIE defense meeting in Orlando 5-9 April has solutions for nearly everyone.

SPIE staff provides daily news reports and photos from the 2010 SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing symposium in Orlando. You can also follow the action on Twitter #SPIEDSS.

The 12-16 April symposium in Brussels is at the center of European innovation.

The 15th annual Congressional Visits Day in Washington, DC, is 28-29 April and will focus on research and engineering investments for economic growth.

A tribute symposium to Theodore Maiman will be held at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC (Canada) 15-16 May.

The SPIE Annual General Meeting will be held during SPIE Optics+Photonics, 1-5 August 2010.

See other upcoming conferences, symposia, and exhibitions around the world.

---Optics, Photonics, and Education---

Many opportunities can be hidden within an internship.

Smile! Students of all ages and from across the globe get hands-on astronomy learning.

---------Laser Anniversary---------

Today's scientists and engineers have unlimited opportunities to use laser technology to improve the human condition.
Ferenc Krausz and his partners in Austria built a laser company around ultrashort light flashes and chirped mirror technology. SPIE Professional open access article.

Read more open-access articles from SPIE Professional about the latest laser developments and applications.

The SPIE Newsroom is your best source for the latest technical articles and news about lasers. SPIE Professional online issue also provides you with brief news items about advances in laser technology. Web extra.

The laser's potential to defend against multiple threats at the same time has been a powerful lure for military research despite drawbacks. Web extra.

SPIE is a founding partner and sponsor of LaserFest. Find out about educational activities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the laser.

---------SPIE Member News---------

SPIE President Ralph James: Optics and photonics professionals are making a difference in the world.

The 2010 Fellows are recognized for distinguished achievements in optics, photonics, and SPIE leadership.

The new class of SPIE Fellows includes 13 Europeans who have conducted groundbreaking research in lens design, diffractive optics, optical pattern recognition, 3D imaging, organic photovoltaics, immersion and EUV lithography, astrobiology, and other areas in optics and photonics. Web extra.

Web Extra: News about SPIE Members 

Extend your professional network through the SPIE group on LinkedIn.

SPIE announces the slate for the election to be held 2 June to 16 July.

SPIE Professional: ISSN 1994-4403

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