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2013 October: SPIE Professional Archive

SPIE Professional magazine's October 2013 issue contains articles about the UK Central Laser Facility, US patent law, TAG Optics, the 2013 SPIE Salary survey, the new SPIE Journal of Medical Imaging, Tobii eye-tracking technology, the SPIE Optics Outreach games, the SPIE 2013 election, and more. To receive a print copy of SPIE Professional, become an SPIE member.

Featured Articles

Central Laser Facility has rich history of innovation and technology development.

Changes in the America Invents Act affect patent filers and challengers.

New SPIE journal for medical imaging launches in 2014. Web-only bonus content.

Optics Research Highlights

Australian researchers use OCT technology to understand burn scarring.

Recommended in Journal of Nanophotonics

Digital streak camera captures full-color photos of high-speed objects.

Optics Education and Outreach

SPIE awarded $351,000 in education scholarships this year to 139 outstanding individuals.

Video of the winners at the 2013 Optics Outreach Games.

Optics outreach initiative by students from SPIE Student Chapter at Sydney University.

Two open-access articles in Optical Engineering on how to inspire youth with math and science.

Organizations that work to increase awareness about the benefits of optics and photonics in daily life  receive SPIE funding. Web-only bonus content.

SPIE Conferences and Events

NASA funding and digital cameras, 14-17 October 2013. Web-only bonus content.

Translational Research has virtual debut, 1-6 February 2014.

Neurophotonics added as new topic, 14-17 April 2014.

New SPIE symposium for dual-use optical sensing, 5-9 May 2014. Web-only bonus content.

See all upcoming SPIE conferences and exhibitions.

October 2013 SPIE Professional

TAG Optics' adaptive microscope lens takes shape as commercial product.

2013 SPIE salary survey for optics and photonics finds job satisfaction high.

Learn about new optics and photonics funding opportunities. Web-only bonus content.

Photonics for a Better World

Eye-tracking technology helps disabled people communicate.

Follow the conversation on our blog.

All articles from SPIE Professional about how photonics is making a better world.

SPIE Membership News

William Arnold reflects on the 2013 SPIE salary survey.

Paul McManamon and Alan Willner receive SPIE President’s Award for work on Optics and Photonics, Essential Technologies for Our Nation.

New SPIE officers and board members for 2014.

SPIE promotes 58 to Senior Member rank for 2013.

Bjørn Andresen of Acktar receives the 2013 SPIE Directors’ Award.

Alexander Toet and Maarten Hogervorst win 2012 Rudolf Kingslake Medal and Prize for night-vision images mapped in color.

National Photonics Initiative takes center stage at 2013 SPIE Annual General Meeting.

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October 2013 | ISSN 1994-4403

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