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2017 July: SPIE Professional Archived Issue

The July 2017 issue of SPIE Professional featured recipients of SPIE annual awards, including the story of biophotonics pioneer Katarina Svanberg and why she received the 2017 SPIE Gold Medal. Read also about scholarship recipients; lasers for sustainable manufacturing; a new book from SPIE Press; and several upcoming and recently completed SPIE events.

July 2017 Features

Katarina Svanberg knits optics technology into oncology treatments.

SPIE Fellow Joseph Shaw shows how to observe and photograph optical phenomena from aloft.

Laser technologies play a role in sustainable manufacturing processes.

Optics and photonics are "hot" again.

Photonics R&D

XFELs celebrated at SPIE Optics + Optoelectronics.

Article in Journal of Biomedical Optics on optical assessment method.

Article in Journal of Photonics for Energy on luminescent solar concentrators.

An Optical Engineering special section is devoted to head- and helmet-mounted displays and other wearable vision systems.

Highlights from 2017 plenary talks.

Journal of Photonics for Energy article shows improved power-conversion efficiency.

Optical Engineering special section focuses on lidar.

Photonics for a Better World

Molecular laser spots potential carcinogen in food.

The Arclight saves sight and sound.

July 2017 | ISSN 1994-4403

PDF of the print edition, SPIE Professional, July 2017 (7 MB) 

2017 SPIE Awards

Brian Lula receives 2017 award.

Kenneth M. Hanson receives 2017 award.

Mitsuo Takeda receives 2017 SPIE award in optical metrology.

Utkarsh Sharma and Maiken Mikkelsen receive 2017 awards.

Authors of Optical Engineering article win Kingslake Medal and Prize.

SPIE Membership News

Glenn Boreman offers a few thoughts on optics education.

Voting ends 26 July in 2017 SPIE election.

SPIE announces scholarships for the 2017-18 academic year.

Tanya Das is the 2017-2018 SPIE/OSA Arthur H. Guenther Congressional Fellow.

SPIE Events Around the World

Preview the innovations and speakers, 6-10 August in San Diego.

Two meetings, 11-14 September in Warsaw.

Optical manufacturing conference in Rochester, NY, 16-19 October.

The 49th annual conference in Boulder, CO, 24-27 September.

In Melbourne, Australia, 10-13 December.

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