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SPIE Professional July 2016

2016 SPIE election  

SPIE members will be voting online 6 July through 18 August for four new directors, a vice president, and a secretary/treasurer for 2017. SPIE members eligible to vote will receive instructions via email.

The candidates for vice president are Harry Levinson of GLOBALFOUNDRIES (USA) and Jim Oschmann of Ball Aerospace & Technologies (USA). Both are SPIE Fellows, former members of the SPIE Board of Directors, and recent recipients of the SPIE Directors’ Award.


Harry Levinson of GLOBALFOUNDRIES (USA) is a candidate for SPIE vice president Levinson, senior director of strategic lithography technology and a senior Fellow at GLOBALFOUNDRIES, has been a member of SPIE since 1983. He chaired SPIE Advanced Lithography in 2013 and 2014 and has been involved with SPIE microlithography conferences for many years.

His areas of interest are in optical and EUV lithography, process control, and silicon photonics, and he holds over 30 US patents.

Levinson has served on the SPIE Board of Directors and Fellows Committee and chaired the SPIE Publications Committee from 2008 through 2010. He is the author of two SPIE-published books, Lithography Process Control and Principles of Lithography (3rd Edition) and has taught SPIE courses on lithography process control for many years.

Levinson has a PhD in physics from University of Pennsylvania.


Jim Oschmann of Ball Aerospace is a candidate for SPIE vice presidentOschmann is vice president and general manager for the civil space business unit at Ball Aerospace. He has been involved with SPIE conference programs on astronomical telescopes since 1994 and was symposium cochair and chair, respectively, for SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation in 2004 and 2006.

Oschmann served on the SPIE Board of Directors for the 2011-13 term and has been a chair or member of various SPIE committees, including the Membership Committee.

His areas of interest are in telescope components and design, laser communications, active sensing, and business aspects of high-technology endeavors. He has presented some 25 papers at technical conferences and holds two patents.

Oschmann has master’s degrees in optical sciences and business administration from University of Arizona where he was named the College of Optical Sciences Alumnus of the Year in 2014.

Gary Spiegel, a consultant and retired Newport executive (USA), is the candidate for SPIE secretary/treasurerTREASURER AND BOARD CANDIDATES

The candidate for secretary/treasurer is Gary Spiegel, a consultant and retired Newport executive (USA).

On the ballot for the SPIE Board of Directors are:

John Gonglewski, US Air Force European Office of Aerospace R&D (UK) Wilhelm Kaenders, TOPTICA Photonics (Germany) Bernard Kress, Microsoft (USA) Burn Lin, National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan)
John Gonglewski
US Air Force European Office of Aerospace R&D (UK)
Wilhelm Kaenders
TOPTICA Photonics (Germany)
Bernard Kress
Microsoft (USA)
Burn Lin
National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan)
David Sampson, University of Western Australia (Australia) Joanna Schmit, 4D Technology (USA) Christina Willis, Fibertek (USA) Andrew Wood, Qioptiq (UK)
David Sampson
University of Western Australia (Australia)
Joanna Schmit
4D Technology (USA)
Christina Willis
Fibertek (USA)
Andrew Wood
Qioptiq (UK)

Four directors will be elected. Directors serve three-year terms and officers serve for one year.

Other officers with terms beginning 1 January 2017 were previously elected and will not be on the ballot. They are SPIE President-Elect Glenn Boreman of University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Plasmonics Inc. (USA), who will become SPIE president, and SPIE Vice President Maryellen Giger of University of Chicago (USA) who becomes president-elect next year.

SPIE President Robert Lieberman of Lumoptix (USA) will become immediate past president in January and will announce the election results at the SPIE annual general meeting in San Diego (USA) 30 August.

Members who have not received voting instructions by 8 July should contact governance@spie.org.


The deadline for nominating a colleague for promotion to SPIE Fellow is 15 September 2016. Information on eligibility and other criteria for the 2017 class of SPIE Fellows is at spie.org/fellows.

DOI: 10.1117/2.4201607.14

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