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SPIE Professional October 2014

40th year for SPIE Advanced Lithography

SPIE Advanced Lithography, 22-26 February 2015 in San Jose, CA (USA), will celebrate its 40th year as one of the top forums for presenting interdisciplinary research on state-of-the-art lithographic tools, optical metrology, design-process technology for chip manufacturing, and related technologies.

More than 2300 lithography experts from 30 countries are expected at the 2015 symposium, where seven conferences will cover traditional and alternative lithographic technologies, extreme ultraviolet lithography, and other tools to meet the challenges presented by the continuous scaling of the semiconductor industry.

Participants come from a broad array of backgrounds to share and learn about state-of-the-art lithographic tools, resists, metrology, materials characterization, etch, design, and process integration.

Also, through a series of provocative panel discussions and seminars, the symposium probes current issues being faced in the semiconductor industry in extending technologies such as immersion patterning and EUV lithography; switching to alternative technologies such as directed self-assembly; or identifying ways to complement one technology with another.

Chaired in 2015 by SPIE Fellow Mircea Dusa of ASML US, SPIE Advanced Lithography will also include an exhibition 24-25 February at the San Jose Marriott and Convention Center.

Co-chair is SPIE Fellow Bruce W. Smith of Rochester Institute of Technology (USA).

More information on SPIE Advanced Lithography: spie.org/AL.

DOI: 10.1117/2.4201410.28

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