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SPIE Professional April 2014

SPIE organizes Translational Biophotonics

Workshop in Texas for biophotonics commercialization

The new SPIE workshop Translational Biophotonics will be held 19-20 May 2014 at Rice University (USA).

image for SPIE Translational Biophotonics workshopThis interdisciplinary forum includes oral and poster presentations focusing on optical diagnostics, image-guided intervention, novel microscopy techniques, new probes, and system design and implementation. Applications include cancer diagnostics, cardiovascular imaging, and detection of infectious disease.

Special sessions will feature leaders in biophotonics discussing the paths that led to their advancements, clinicians giving their perspectives on application needs, and industry representatives discussing pathways to biophotonics commercialization.

Invited speakers include a "Who's Who" list of top biophotonics experts and entrepreneurs including Rice's Rebecca Richards-Kortum; SPIE Fellows Aydogan Ozcan of University of California, Los Angeles, Gerard Cote of Texas A&M University, Joseph Izatt of Duke University, and Lihong Wang of Washington University in St. Louis; SPIE member Richard Levenson of University of California, Davis, and SPIE Senior Member Siavash Yazdanfar of GE Global Research.

The chair for Translational Biophotonics 2014 is SPIE member Tomasz Tkaczyk of Rice University (USA).

DOI: 10.1117/2.4201404.22

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