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2011 Archive: January Issue of SPIE Professional

The first issue of SPIE Professional for 2011 brings SPIE members information about the latest light-based research, career and funding opportunities in photonics, and optics industry trends.

Read about lasers in medicine, the photonics market in Germany, lidar for tracking carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and more in our Photonics for a Better World series.

-------------------------------- January

--- Photonics for a Better World ---

Over the past half century, lasers have found their way into ophthalmology, oncology, cosmetic surgery, and many areas of medicine and biomedical research. SPIE Professional open-access article.
SPIE President Katarina Svanberg says collaboration among scientists in different fields has led to advancements in biomedical optics applied to oncology and other medical specialties.

Two groups of biomedical optics researchers in the USA are a step closer to achieving artificial skin.

Researchers at the Neurophotonics Research Center at Southern Methodist University are working on improved prosthetic devices.

Optical and photonics technologies have improved and restored vision to people with degenerative eye conditions and are used in water reclamation programs.

Read more articles from SPIE Professional about how photonics is making a better world.

-------- SPIE Member News --------

A world leader and pioneer in biomedical optics, Britton Chance was 97 when he died in November 2010.

FacebookFind and share news on optics programs and photonics events through the SPIE Facebook page.

Optics and Photonics Career News

Optimax entrepreneurs find their niche in quick delivery of prototype optics.
Optics and photonics professionals have career advice for you in the 2011 SPIE Women in Optics monthly planner.
A new book shows how researchers can turn science into “things people need” and find rewarding careers in industry.

Join the SPIE group on LinkedInJoin 4600 other optics and photonics professionals and extend your professional network through the SPIE group on LinkedIn.

-- Education in Optics and Photonics --

An SPIE grant helps fund a hands-on astronomy training for public school teachers and future teachers in Montana. Web-only bonus content.
Math teachers and students in Florida get hands-on training to guide and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.

2011 ---------------------------------------

Three SPIE members win a Kindle, iPod nano, and SPIE Digital Library subscription from SPIE Professional magazine.

--- Optics and Photonics Industry ---

Block Engineering, Edmund Optics, EKSPLA, Energetiq Technology, GE, IPG Photonics, JenLab, Lumen Dynamics, and PHOTONIS are winners in the Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation.

Optics and photonics companies are well positioned to eco-innovate and improve their profits and the profits of their customers.
A new Business View column explains how optical innovations have spurred a growing market in Germany, especially for Edmund Optics. With web-only bonus content.

--- Optics and Photonics R&D ---

The international lidar community is pioneering a suite of techniques to monitor greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere.
Advances in optics and photonics have made wind energy more viable.
A technique employing multiplex imaging helps solve a mystery.
See what kind of optics and photonics funding opportunities are available. Web-only bonus content.
News briefs and editors' recommendations from the latest optics and photonics research.

------ Upcoming SPIE Events ------

The world's leading photonics, laser, and biomedical optics event is 22-27 January in San Francisco.

Covering all aspects of electronic imaging, this annual event is held 23-27 January 2011 at the San Francisco Airport Hyatt Regency.

SPIE is a co-sponsor of the Winter College on Optics in Imaging Science, 31 January-11 February 2011 in Italy. With bonus Web content.

The new international congress convenes 28-30 March 2011 in Strasbourg, France.

Find solutions to technology and cost-efficiency challenges 27 February-3 March 2011 in San Jose, CA.

See all recent and upcoming conferences, symposia, and exhibitions.

SPIE Professional: ISSN 1994-4403

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