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Open Access Articles in SPIE Professional

SPIE Professional magazine for optics and photonics professionals, cover image

SPIE Professional is a quarterly-published, member magazine that helps optics and photonics professionals succeed in their careers. Articles on optics industry, education, and career topics appearing in the magazine can also appear in the SPIE Newsroom, the SPIE Leadership Series (for students and early career professionals); Career Stepping Stone Profiles; and on author or related organization's Web sites. 

The SPIE Professional articles listed here were the only articles in the open-access collection until the magazine became all open access in October 2011. This page will remain published but the list will no longer be updated with new content. 

We hope you enjoy the hundreds of SPIE Professional magazine articles that are now available without a member login.

SPIE Professional open-access articles (2006-2011) 


Member and Entrepreneur Profiles

Creativity FIRST: Segway inventor, prolific inventor, and FIRST founder Dean Kamen advocates for the next generation of science and technology innovators. April 2011.

A Niche in Optics: Optimax has built its niche in quick delivery of prototype optics. By Rick Plympton and Mike Mandina. January 2011. Hosted by Optimax as a PDF.

FEMTOLASERS: Ferenc Krausz and his partners in Austria built a laser company around ultrashort light flashes and chirped mirror technology. By Thorsten Naeser, April 2010.

Innovate or Die: Robert Edmund, CEO of Edmund Optics, says innovation is the only way to flourish -- and survive -- in the optics industry. By Kathy Sheehan. July 2008. Hosted By Edmund Optics. There is also an SPIE Newsroom video interview of Edmund discussing innovation and other topics.

Entrepreneurial Medicine: Seeing the Light. The CEO of Spectros describes how he created successful biomedical businesses. By David A. Benaron. April 2008.

Concentrated Efforts: Constant learning, hard work, and collaboration combine to pursue a superior energy alternative for SolFocus Inc. By Gary Conley. SPIE Newsroom, October 2007.

Independent Thinker: The IPG Photonics story is about independence, creating advanced technology, having a unique business model, and rampant success. By Valentin P. Gapontsev. July 2007

Speckel Renaissance: Joseph W. Goodman, SPIE Gold Medal of the Society recipient, is spending his retirement working on new speckle research. By Beth Huetter. SPIE Newsroom, July 2007.

Optical Path: Tenacity, passion, and patents set a young business on the right course. By William Yang, founder and CEO of BaySpec Inc. SPIE Newsroom, April 2007.

From the Garage Up: Colleen Fitzpatrick discovers resourcefulness, perseverance, and intuition are all cornerstones to running a small high-tech business. By Colleen Fitzpatrick, Rice Systems Inc. SPIE Newsroom, April 2006.

Industry and Research Reports

Silicon photonics: the data connection: SPIE Fellow Mario Paniccia, director of the Photonics Technology Lab at Intel Corp., answers questions about recent developments in siliconizing photonics. July 2011.  

Photonics Market Blossoms in the Heart of Europe: The Business View from Edmund Optics. By Thomas Kessler and John Cleather. January 2011. Hosted by Edmund Optics as PDF.

Lasers in Medicine: Over the past half century, lasers have found their way into ophthalmology, oncology, cosmetic surgery, and many areas of medicine and biomedical research. By Sian Harris. January 2011

Eco-Innovation: Optics and photonics companies are well positioned to eco-innovate and improve their profits and the profits of their customers. By Rosemarie Szostak. January 2011. Hosted by Nerac as PDF.

Lasers and Moore's Law: Bruno La Fontaine discusses the laser's role in lithography, Moore's Law, and the explosion of capabilities of microelectronics devices. October 2010 

Lasers: Future of Suture: Laser bonding is showing promise as a technique to close wounds and surgical incisions. By Abraham Katzir. July 2010

Europe's Photonics Investment: The EC, Photonics21, and other entities are backing R&D for small photonics companies in Europe. By Tim Hayes. July 2010. Hosted by Cordis as PDF. 

Innovation Scouting: Optics and photonics firms use scouts more often than most. By Kristy Ulmer. April 2010. Hosted by Nerac as PDF.

Lasers as Weapons: The laser's potential to defend against multiple threats at the same time has been a powerful lure for military research despite drawbacks. By Kathy Sheehan. April 2010.

CO2 Laser: The carbon dioxide laser has become the workhorse for the materials processing industry. By Anthony J. DeMaria and Thomas V. Hennessey, Jr. January 2010. An extended version of CO2 Laser is also available as a PDF.  

Laser Innovations: Despite formidable challenges in the laser industry, innovation is accelerating faster than ever. By Jeff Hecht. October 2009.

Display Markets Flex Up: Improvements in brightness and energy efficiency for displays may drive consumer costs down and manufacturers' revenues up. By Nerac analyst Dhanashree Bairat. October 2009. Hosted by Nerac. PDF.

Giant Lasers at NIF: The National Ignition Facility, with 192 laser beams, is the world's largest and highest-energy pulsed laser system. By Rich Donnelly.  July 2009.

Data Centers Go Green: Power-hungry data centers have some optically clear and innovative choices for optimizing energy efficiency. By Rosemarie Szostak and Margaret Fiore, NERAC. July 2009. Hosted by Nerac. PDF. 

Laser Anniversary, Laser Evolution: Jeff Hecht kicks off SPIE's celebration of 50 years of the working laser with a description of the industrial, communications, medical, and other uses for the laser. April 2009.

Bioimaging Breakthroughs: An expanded market for medical imaging is helping to make MRIs and x-rays more accessible. By Donna Mitchell-Magaldi. January 2009. Hosted by NERAC. PDF.

Solar-Powered Europe: Germany, Spain, and other European countries have built an impressive market and industry base in photovoltaics. By Sian Harris. January 2009.

Fab Expectations: ASML's chief scientist Bill Arnold is optimistic that future semiconductor manufacturing will be "litho friendly." By Bill Arnold, ASML. October 2008.

Fab Future: The "Litho Guru" takes a dim view of lithography remaining a top dog in semiconductor manufacturing and in fueling Moore's Law. Growth and fun are slowing. By Chris A. Mack. October 2008. Hosted by The Litho Guru. PDF.

Postmortem Innovation: Performing 3-D reconstruction techniques on cadavers can be a simple and accurate approach to autopsy. By Clarence Mayott, NERAC. October 2008. Hosted by NERAC. PDF.

Keeping Nanotech Safe: The second generation of nanotechnology research will involve creating predictive models for the safe use of nanoparticles. By Kristen Kulinowski. July 2008.

March of the Metamaterials: Manipulating radiation with metamaterials is becoming possible at ever-higher frequencies. By Sunny Bains. SPIE Newsroom, January 2008.

CMU robot car first in DARPA Urban Challenge. SPIE Newsroom, November 2007.

Holographic Storage Comes of Age: After decades of development, a holographic drive finally hits the market. By Sunny Bains. SPIE Newsroom, October 2007.

The Promise of Plasmonics: Offering possible advances in everything from computing to spectroscopy, plasmonics represents a powerful technology. By Kristin Lewotsky. SPIE Newsroom, July 2007.

Bright Future for Remote Sensing?: Increased demand, advanced technologies, and limited resources will all play roles in remote sensing's potentially sunny, but challenging, future. By William B. Gail, Virtual Earth, Microsoft. SPIE Newsroom, July 2007.

Test Subject: Optical metrology's superior test and measurement capability has both expanding uses and growing challenges in industrial applications. By Erin M. Schadt. SPIE Newsroom, April 2007.

Measure for Measure: Human factors and costs challenge biometrics' commercial viability. By Kristin Lewotsky. SPIE Newsroom, April 2007.

Flex that muscle: Electroactive polymers represent the actuators of the future. By Erin M. Schadt. SPIE Newsroom, January 2007.

Riding the Range: Whether applied in a camera or during post processing, high dynamic range imaging delivers images that are truer to life. By Kristin Lewotsky. SPIE Newsroom, January 2007.

Thin Is In: Crystalline silicon, once the undisputed leader of the photovoltaic market, is now facing competition from new thin-film technologies. By Kristin Lewotsky. SPIE Newsroom, October 2006.

Putting Bright Ideas to Work: Solid-state lighting faces challenges, opportunities in industrial applications. By Kristin Lewotsky. SPIE Newsroom, July 2006.

Terahertz's Penetrating Appeal: Imaging at terahertz frequencies offers non-ionizing penetration and spectroscopic capabilities that make it appealing for homeland security, medical, and industrial inspection applications. By Kristin Lewotsky. SPIE Newsroom, April 2006.

Outer, Outer Space: Astronomers the world round peek further out into the universe -- and glean more than ever from their search. By Erin M. Schadt. SPIE Newsroom, April 2006.

Silicon Poises for Disruption: Silicon technology has potential in disparate markets such as interconnects, biomedical, and optical sensors. By Kristin Lewotsky. SPIE Newsroom, January 2006.


Nanotech U and You: Universities can offer big-time help to entrepreneurs moving nanotechnology to market. By Beth Kelley. July 2008. Hosted by College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering. PDF.

Find an Adviser: Researching a compatible adviser is part of the process of applying to grad school. By Kristen Carlson Maitland, Texas A&M University. October 2008. Part of the SPIE Leadership Series. Hosted by Texas A&M University. PDF.

Productive 'Stupidity': Professor Martin Schwartz writes in the Journal of Cell Science that science is supposed to be hard. Link to original journal article, which was reprinted in the October 2009 issue of SPIE Professional.

$100 Laptop Nears Launch: The non-profit One Laptop per Child with Nicholas Negroponte at the helm aims to put laptops in the hands of millions of children worldwide. By Erin M. Schadt. SPIE Newsroom, July 2006.

Member News

Spotlight on SPIE Fellows (2011) in Defense and Aerospace. The 67 SPIE Members promoted to the rank of SPIE Fellow in 2011 include 21 leading optics and photonics experts whose research, teaching, and innovation have been funded by or involved in the defense, security, space, and remote-sensing communities. April 2011.  

Lab in Thailand Reaches Out with SPIE Grant: SPIE member Sarun Sumriddetchkajorn brings optics education alive. December 2008 bonus Web content. Hosted by the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center, Thailand. PDF.

Member News in SPIE Professional magazine is published often also in the SPIE Pressroom.

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