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Entrepreneur Articles in SPIE Professional

Adaptive Lens: The road from university laboratory to the optics and photonics marketplace wasn't easy for the founders of TAG Optics. But their hard work in financing and marketing their adaptive microscope lens has paid off. (October 2013)

TAG Optics lens

Commercializing Photonics: In his new book, SPIE member David Krohn shares the challenges and rewards facing optics and photonics entrepreneurs and the needs for success. (April 2013)

David Krohn and book image
Birth of a Startup: Two life-sciences entrepreneurs, Akshay Nanduri and Sam Mazin, tell the story of the founding of RefleXion Medical and their hopes for their innovative radiation therapy system in the photonics marketplace. (April 2013) image for RefleXion Medical Technology

On-the-Job Entrepreneuring: Tom Moritz discusses how his laser diode company found its way in the optics and photonics market. (July 2012)

Imaging Inside the Eye: Douglas Anderson's story about the design and commercialization of his widefield scanning laser ophthalmoscope provides lessons for technology engineers and future entrepreneurs. (January 2012)  

Dean Kamen on SPIE Professional magazine coverCreativity FIRST: A prolific inventor (including of the Segway) and founder of FIRST, Dean Kamen advocates for the next generation of science and technology innovators.  (April 2011)

A Niche in Optics: Optimax has built its niche in quick delivery of prototype optics. By Rick Plympton and Mike Mandina. (January 2011.) Also hosted on Optimax website as a PDF

image of Omur Sezerman on the cover of SPIE ProfessionalBeginner's Luck: Dan Gelbart's entrepreneurial adventures (October 2010)

FEMTOLASERS: Ferenc Krausz, founder of FEMTOLASERS Produktion  (April 2010)

Wizard of OZ: Ömür Sezerman, founder of OZ Optics (January 2010)

Bruce ChengGreen Entrepreneur: An interview with Bruce Cheng (October 09)

Startup in a Downturn, by Conor Rafferty & Clifford King (July 09)

People First, by Jan Melles (January 09)

Jose SalcedoPhotonics Wave, by Jose Salcedo (October 2008)

Innovate or Die: Robert Edmund, CEO of Edmund Optics. (July 2008) There is also an SPIE Newsroom video interview of Edmund discussing innovation and other topics.

Entrepreneurial Medicine: Seeing the Light, by David Benaron, CEO of Spectros. (April 2008)

Sister Act, by Cheryl Koschara (January 2008)

Valentin Gaponsev of IPG PhotonicsConcentrated Efforts, by Gary Conley of SolFocus Inc. (October 2007)

Independent Thinker, by Valentin Gapontsev (July 2007)

Optical Path, by William Yang, founder and CEO of BaySpec Inc.  (April 2007)

Light Touch, by Jim McNally (January 2007)

Colleen FitzpatrickContinuous Improvement, by Robert Fischer (October 2006)

Charting New Terrain, by Brian Culshaw (July 2006)

From the Garage Up: By Colleen Fitzpatrick, Rice Systems Inc. (April 2006)

High Tech Moves, by Eric Udd, (January 2006)

SPIE Professional is a quarterly-published, members-only magazine that helps optics and photonics professionals succeed in their careers. Articles on optics industry, education, and career topics appearing in the magazine can also appear in the SPIE Newsroom, the SPIE Leadership Series (for students and early career professionals); Career Stepping Stone Profiles; and on author or related organization's Web sites. 

Member News in SPIE Professional magazine often is published also in the SPIE Pressroom.

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