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SPIE Professional October 2009

SPIE Lithography Asia 2009

The SPIE lithography forum in Taiwan is 18-19 November.

With Asia continuing to be a major player in the microelectronics industry, SPIE Lithography Asia, 18-19 November in Taipei, will provide a rich forum for the latest research and developments in microlithography techniques for chips and displays.

The symposium's two program tracks and plenary talks by four top lithography experts with experience in Asia will examine current issues in computational lithography, EUV lithography, defect inspection, LCD applications, emerging resist materials, and related topics in the semiconductor industry.

Providing their perspectives on the industry at plenary sessions will be:

Burn Lin SPIE Fellow Burn Lin, senior director of micropatterning Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and one of four symposium chairs

Kinam Kim Kinam Kim, executive VP and general manager of semiconductor R&D at SAMSUNG

Chris Progler SPIE Fellow and former SPIE Board Member Christopher J. Progler, CTO of Photronics

Cheng-Wen Wu Cheng-Wen Wu, director of the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute in Taiwan

The experts' discussion on the current and future electronics manufacturing process is expected to be watched particularly closely at the symposium because of the global economic recession and slowdown in the market.

Kim, for instance, said earlier this year that he believes that emerging applications for lithography in the aerospace, robotics, automotive, health care, and IT industries will help with the recovery effort. His plenary talk will address the future of the silicon industry and the challenges posed by nanolithography.

Progler also has previously spoken about changes in the industry, coining the term "compography" to depict the broad diversification of mask-making into computational lithography. Progler's talk will highlight progress and challenges in mask manufacturing for high-end IC and LCD applications and the evolving business model of commercial mask making.

Other top lithography researchers and industry leaders will give presentations during the two-day symposium at the Sheraton Taipei Hotel.

An exhibition showcasing the latest equipment, technology and services will also be held.

Symposium chairs are Alek C. Chen, ASML; Woo-Sung Han, SAMSUNG; Burn J. Lin, TSMC; Anthony Yen, TSMC.

For more information: spie.org/lithoasia.

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DOI: 10.1117/2.4200910.17