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SPIE Professional July 2010

Green Photonics

SPIE Green Photonics meetings

SPIE is organizing two new events for 2011 that focus on green photonics: a virtual symposium at SPIE Photonics West in January and a technical congress in France in the spring.

SPIE Fellow Stephen Eglash, executive director of the Energy and Environment Affiliates Program at Stanford University (USA), will chair a Green Photonics virtual conference track at SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco, 22-27 January. Focusing on solid-state lighting and displays, renewable energy generation, laser-assisted manufacturing, and communications, the virtual symposium (spie.org/virtual-green) will highlight papers at Photonics West that have a green focus.

Abstracts will be accepted through 12 July.

To be considered for inclusion in the new Green Photonics virtual symposium, submit your abstract to one of the regular conferences in LASE, MOEMS-MEMS, or OPTO and identify your work with the key words "green photonics." If your paper is selected by Green Photonics leadership, your work will be eligible to receive special recognition at Photonics West.

Virtual tracks will be on

  • Solid State Lighting and Displays
  • Manufacturing and Micro/Nano Fabrication
  • Communications
  • Renewable Energy Generation

Photonics for clean energy generation, ecologically friendly manufacturing processes, energy-efficient lighting, pollution control, and environmental monitoring will also be advanced through SPIE Eco-Photonics™, a technical congress in Strasbourg, France, 28-31 March 2011.

The congress will also focus on the need to re-educate the workforce for a green future.

The Eurodistrict Photonics Consortium is collaborating in the congress. SPIE Fellow Patrick Meyrueis, a professor at University of Strasbourg, and Dan Curticapean, a professor at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany), will co-chair the event, which will include a technical programme and exhibition covering green photonics, a job fair, and activities for students.

Abstract submissions in the following areas are being accepted through 4 October:

  • Photonics in Sustainable Energy Engineering
  • The Role of Photonics in Sustainable Product Design
  • The Role of Photonics in Sustainable Manufacturing Development and Processes
  • Education for a Sustainable Engineering Workforce for a Green Future

Awards will be made for a selected best paper at SPIE Eco-Photonics™ and in industry to the winner of a competition among startup companies for the greatest impact on economy, ecology, and education.

Have a question or comment about this article? Write to us at spieprofessional@spie.org.

DOI: 10.1117/2.4201007.22

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