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SPIE Professional July 2009

Symposia Cover Remote Sensing, Security

Two events in Berlin will cover optical technology topics in remote sensing and security.

SPIE Europe Security+Defence, 31 August to 3 September, will be co-located with the 16th SPIE Europe symposium on Remote Sensing in Berlin (Germany) this year, enhancing opportunities for attendees from industry, government, and academia to identify new partners for collaboration.

With a distinct European photonics focus, the two events attract more than 500 leaders in the security, defence, and remote sensing sectors across the world.

One registration fee (discounted for SPIE members) gives access to presentations at both events as well as a two-day exhibition, 1-2 September, at the Berliner Congress Centre.

SPIE Europe Security and Defence

SPIE Europe Security+Defence includes 10 conferences on infrared systems, imaging technologies, biological and chemical sensing, and other emerging technologies for an industry increasingly challenged to prevent unconventional attacks on civilian populations.

Multidisciplinary research on optical materials, unattended sensors, display technologies, and remote sensing will be presented, and attendees are invited to tour the labs at the nearby Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute for Telecommunications. Advance registration for the lab tour is required and will include live demonstrations of defence technologies such as handheld terahertz spectroscopy and 3D imaging without glasses.

A plenary session on 31 August will include presentations by MinRat Rainer Krug of the Federal Ministry of Defence Germany) and Maurus Tacke, director of the Research Institute for Optronics and Pattern Recognition, Research Establishment for Applied Science (Germany).

SPIE Europe Security+Defence is chaired by David Titterton of the Defence, Science and Technology Lab (UK). The co-chair is Reinhard Ebert of the FGAN-FOM Research Institute for Optronics and Pattern Recognition (Germany.)

SPIE Europe Remote SensingSPIE Europe Remote Sensing, meanwhile, will provide comprehensive coverage of next-generation satellites, SAR image analysis, LADAR technologies, signal processing, adaptive optics, and other photonics topics.

It is Europe's largest international forum on remote sensing, bringing together scientists, programme managers, policy makers, and engineers from more than 25 countries to exchange ideas and discuss the latest trends, achievements, and applications.

The four-day symposium will provide an opportunity to hear about cutting-edge developments in high-resolution imaging for surveillance, weather forecasting, mineral exploitation, hydrology, and agriculture. Program tracks will also cover UV and VIS cameras, database management, MEMS, and signal processing.

Plenary speakers are German astronaut Thomas Reiter who will talk about R&D capacities in the German Earth Observation Program, and Richard Anthes, president of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (USA).

Steven P. Neeck of NASA (USA) is the 2009 symposium chair, and Karin Stein from FGAN-FOM Research Institute is the co-chair.

To view short technical articles, news headlines, and other multi-media news reports about remote sensing, defence, and security topics, go to the SPIE Newsroom:

DOI: 10.1117/2.4200907.22

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