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SPIE Professional July 2007

SPIE.org Makeover

The Society's website has a new look and many improved features.

SPIE has redesigned its website SPIE.org, resulting in a more streamlined and easier to navigate site.

Some sections of the website were freshened up, others completely overhauled, and a few sections are entirely new.

An important new element of the site is creating a user account. This will allow you access to SPIE Professional articles online, to manage your subscriptions with more ease, and to auto-fill forms. Good news—if you already have an account in MySPIE or SPIEWorks, there’s no need to create a new account. User login information crosses all three websites.

New and Improved

There are a number of improvements to the site. For one, SPIE Newsroom is now better integrated with SPIE.org, allowing easier access to this technical and industry news website.

If you have previously subscribed to Newsroom RSS news feeds, these links will need to be updated. In fact, make sure to update bookmarks and links you may have set up across SPIE.org, as addresses have changed in many cases.

Resources for Educators are better accessible on its new section (SPIE.org/educators). Here you can apply for financial support, request free SPIE teaching tools, and access other helpful tools for outreach activities.

There is a wealth of information about member benefits and programs on the Membership portion of the site (SPIE.org/membership), including student chapter information, visiting lecturer information, access to SPIE Professional online, and a member search.

Improved events features include the newly redesigned MySchedule tool. Once you’ve created an account, you can use the MySchedule tool to build a customized schedule of the papers, courses, plenaries, and exhibits of interest at a particular SPIE event.

The new online registration process has been considerably streamlined and simplified as well. With an SPIE account, registration forms will be automatically populated with your personal information. You can also flag individually priced items associated with a particular event (such as courses) while browsing, thereby adding them to your event registration.

There are also new additions to the site. One of which is a new Resources for Public Policy section (SPIE.org/policy). This portion of the site will keep readers apprised of developments in government support and regulations that impact research, as well as current initiatives that SPIE actively supports.

Same Mission, Different Look

SPIE has a new statement of purpose, logos, and even name, all of which are available on the new SPIE Identity section (SPIE.org/identity). The Society will now be referred to simply as SPIE—officially retiring the phrase “The International Society for Optical Engineering”—and the logos have been redesigned accordingly. If you maintain a website or other collateral that includes the SPIE logo, check out this section where you can download new graphics.

Last but not least, the updated statement of purpose better defines the work the Society does: “SPIE is an international society advancing an interdisciplinary approach to the science and application of light.”

Visit SPIE.org and explore the site for all the new changes.

Do you have questions, suggestions, or concerns about the new site? Contact our Customer Service department by e-mail at CustomerService@SPIE.org, and we will follow up with you promptly about the matter.

DOI: 10.1117/2.4200707.02

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