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SPIE Professional July 2007

Archived articles from SPIE Professional July 2007.

July 2007 Contents


Use these tips to make your research proposals more attractive to funders.
Early career professionals seek the right workplace, while employers strive to retain valuable employees. Here’s helpful advice for both sides of this challenge.
The Society’s website has a new look and many improved features.

Sci-tech societies create a research site accessing three million articles and spanning 150 years of scholarship.


Increased demand, advanced technologies, and limited resources will all play roles in remote sensing’s potentially sunny, but challenging, future.
A surge in terahertz imaging patents indicates growing interest in this region of the spectrum.
Offering possible advances in everything from computing to spectroscopy, plasmonics represents a powerful technology.


Entering the workforce means more than being a good engineer. Essential qualities such as trustworthiness must be sharpened to be an effective professional.
A few pointers help take the mystery out of connecting minds.

President's Letter

As individuals, and as the scientific community, we have a responsibility to mitigate, and adapt to, world climate change.


A little fine tuning makes Optics + Photonics better organized and more accessible.

Cover Story

IPG Photonics focuses on independence, creating advanced technology, a unique business model, and rampant success.


Joseph W. Goodman, SPIE Gold Medal of the Society recipient, is spending his retirement working on new speckle research.




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